4.5 YOE at PwC any jobs for me that pay 140k? I’m in a VHCOL

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works at
You are currently posting as works at

8 YOE in HCOL making 165K. 😭


What jobs?


Should be easy. I’m in MCOL and have have had two offers in the last ~6 months that were $140k and $135k. 2.5 YOE.

Do you have your CPA?

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Can someone let me know the hierarchy of KPMG global and its avg salary for each level.


Hi all, i m in deloitte now as M role with 31LPA Fixed joined on march 2021. I got another oppurtinity with 42Lpa fixed.
Is it wise to take uo the new offer or shuld i wait for deloitte appraisal. Im highly confused.


Wondering what the average salary is for a Dental insurance and billing manager. Currently managing 4 dental offices (in Wisconsin)


Can anyone tell me, Whats is salary range for Deloittie manager and senior manager in Australia?


Hi everyone,

How much hike should I ask for Product owner role in S&P Global. Currently my annual salary is 17 lakhs as Fixed component for 6 years of exp


What's the salary range at Copperleaf for Software Developer In Test role ?
Have 9 yrs of exp, how high can I ask for ?


Hi Folks,

Is 27K zloty a good salary for a bachelor in Wroclaw??

YOE -17 years

How much INR we would be able to save ?? Pls share your expert opinions

Thanks in advance


Hi all - Wanted to see people’s thoughts on the Microsoft offer below. It’s for an L64 solution architect role:
Base - $165K
Sign-On - $25K
On-Hire Stock Award - $100K ($25K each year over 4 years)
Incentive Plan Bonus - 20% target
Security Clearance Bonus - 15% target

Overall, seems like an amazing offer with my 7 YOE. Any suggestions on things to ask, negotiate, or clarify? Thanks!


What would be a good salary range for a CD in Tokyo?


Hi Guys, I have 4.5 yrs of Automation experience. I have exp in Selenium, Java, katalon, protractor and cucumber. I also have a master's in software engineer from California and worked in US for 2.5yrs. I relocated to India couple years ago but I haven't been able to achieve the salary slab that I would like for my exp. Current CTC is 9lpa.
What should I do or change about my approach for a better salary?

I interviewed at Uber for a sales representative/sales executive role. When I initially asked for the budget for the role, I feel like the recruiter started me out with a lower base (sales rep) prior to knowing my experience (I’ve been in sales for 7+ years). Since then, I’ve received very positive feedback and even moved on to the third and final interview. How should I go about asking about the salary range without seeming too pushy? Should I just wait for an offer and negotiate from there? Uber

Please help to understand which is better

EY gds - 16lpa fixed variable 5%
Deloitte india - 14.5lpa fixed plus joining bonus 1lpa, variable 10%


Hi fishes,

I got offer from OFSS @oracle financial services software
YOE: 8. Technology :PLSQL
Position: Principal consultant
Gross: 17LPA. PF: 1LPA
Variable: 2.5Lpa. Joining bonus: 1 lakh
Total 20.5LPA +1

is it good?
Any idea about average CTC for same YOE.

Thanks in advance 🙂

Accenture offer - 10.65 lpa fixed and 2lpa variable Position :- Analyst Location: Bangalore
Wells Fargo :- 11 fixed Location - Hyderabad Position :- Data Management Associate
Yoe :- 3years
Can you please suggest which company to join ?

I have 4 year of total experience and got promoted to Associate. How much compensation should I expect?

Hi Folks,
One of my friend got an offer from BNY Mellon pune.

Can anyone help me with the salary expectations with BNY Mellon , pune for the below role.

Roles offer : lead project Manager
Grade : i
Offered CTC : 15 LPA Fixed
Experience : 9.5 years
Current CTC : 11 LPA Fixed

Any help will be really helpful.


Got an offer from Google this week for a L4 (nontech) S&O role in NYC (5.5 Yoe). Can someone help me evaluate this?

Base: $151k
RSU: $136k over 4 yrs
Bonus: 15% ($23k)
No sign on
TC: $219k

This is the initial offer so have not negotiated yet, but thinking of asking for more RSUs and a sign-on. Thoughts?



I have joined 3 weeks back and currently on bench.

Will it affect my Variable bonus ? Is it pro rated as zero for bench period

Hello Fishes,
Need your urgent suggestion. I have offers from
PwC and EY for Kolkata location.
PwC- Emerging Technology vertical, project may be domestic or foreign, not sure on tech stack, but will include docker, kubernetes, apigee, wso2 etc. 15.5LPA fixed, 1L jb.
EY- Dell project, full stack role. 16LPA fixed, 50k jb.
My yoe- 5 years, tech-stack: Java-springboot-Microservices-Webservices.
I have to choose between them by today noon. Please suggest.


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Anyone interested in playing ping pong together? I’m in between beginner and intermediate levels and would love a buddy or a group to play with!


Anyone received offer letter whose status changed to “Offer Extended” on last week Thursday or any other days?


Just failed on an easy analysis. Can’t deal with having so tight timelines for accurate analysis plus everything else on my plate. How do you deal with failure? I feel like I will never make it


What is the best sales stack that your company uses?


Does anyone have insight as to what PwC’s international practice is like in Chicago? Good group?


Any idea if Microsoft 's Customer Experience & Success (CEnS) group is within Customer Service & Support? Or is it a separate business group? How is the work in CEnS? Is it more of a support based work?

Has HCl reopened their offices in India. I was having hr discussion and they told office have been reopened.


Does anyone know where I can obtain a commercial lines only and workers comp only license? I am licensed in life, accident and health currently and I work in group benefits. I would like to add the commercial lines and or Worker’s Comp. to my repertoire, and I do not wish to take the P&C licensing test.


How to avoid immediate staffing after completing the one project?
Somebody advice on this please.
I literally need 1-2 weeks bench/off time.


Will FIS revise my offer letter (counter offer) at very end of joining date?


Anyone else think they’re a f*cking idiot who’s just lucky and their brain is rapidly approaching a ceiling pretty soon?


Anyone switch off Zoom video, to smoke while taking/attending a call?


I’m running paid media campaigns for a SaaS company with heavy competition in the space. Prior to my arrival they were wasting money on FB ads. With iOS 14.5 here i pitched the idea of switching budget to Google search where they had minimal brand presence (even on branded keywords!). However, our competitors noticed and are increasing bids on branded keywords. What do I do? Go back to Facebook/Instagram? Did I make a bad call in moving budget to search?


Can we try to understand the group demographics for this bowl? Only for DELOITTE INDIA ( DI, not USI). Please respond honestly and accurately

Like - analyst/ Senior analyst
Helpful- Consultant/AM.
Smart - DM/Manager
Funny- AD/Director.
Uplifting- Partner .


Welcome to creative content marketing!


If you had to choose between purchasing your first home in Montana vs Oregon, which would you choose? Not too bothered about politics or anything like that, I just want to know if Oregon is too expensive and not worth it and if I should head for Montana or somewhere in the midwest instead. Thanks.


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What are usual billed rates by title for financial consulting services?


UK people, how do you approach the 3 month notice period? I’m in audit and want to leave but quite risk averse. Don’t want to leave without something lined up but is that the wrong way to go about it?


Currently a second year associate in audit and looking for - as ridiculous as it sounds - better pay and better hours. I really like audit but I have only been with the firm for a little over a year and i’m burnt out and worse, starting to lose passion for it. I think the long hours are just not for me. Any recommendations of industries/ careers where an audit experience fits well? (As a side note, I’m considering changing practice within the firm, but wanted to look at all options).


How can I get into another big 4 consulting firm? I don't have connections


Are there any opportunities for me to volunteer and gain leadership experience in roles outside of work with my accounting background? Any ideas on where to look?


What is work life balance like in banking industry internal audit departments? Specifically interested in BoA and Wells Fargo.


Pros and cons of big 4 TAS vs working for firms like D&P, A&M, and FTI? Also any others I happen to be missing

Thoughts on working with Protiviti?


Tips/Advices going into a senior PA role in industry? Just turned in my 2 weeks notice on Friday!


Has anyone actually gone through with accepting an offer from the Siegfried Group? I hear from a recruiter representing them probably once a week. How is it?


Any one have suggestions on good companies to apply to in the san antonio, tx area? Looking to leave PA for industry. Need that wlb!


I got asked for a second video interview at the company i really want to work for (industry)!! I’m so excited!!!


Is it difficult to switch jobs between different type of funds ? For example from Big4 to Hedge fund then to a Private equity fund ? Do people specialize in one type of fund when they become an Assistant controller or else ? Thanks


How would one make the switch from internal audit to change management? Trying to get out of IA and work in change management but need some pointers to start.


How soon do you usually let the teams know that you are looking for other opportunities? Do you let them know when you are interviewing or when you have an offer in hand? Assuming you have a good relationship with the team.

Would it be good to have a candid conversation with my coach about whether I should stay at GT or leave?

Basically I'm a S3 who is hoping to be promoted to manager in six months.

I have my CPA and have gotten positive feedback but I still worry that I'm going to be held back.

It's simple. If I'll be a manager, I'll stay. Otherwise, it's time for me to move on.

I feel like I'm more in the dark especially with our firm cutting mid year roundtables.


Has anyone had a positive experience letting their team know they’re planning on leaving before giving their two weeks notice? I have an offer that I’m ready to accept but am still waiting to hear back on another position before making my final decision. I have my mid-year career discussion scheduled for this week and I’m dreading having to pretend that I’m not already one foot out the door.