Hi fishes, what is the salary slab for L4 Program manager selection monitoring @ Amazon.

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Hello! I am an experienced primary care group health center manager (I manage two sites) with 20+years experience as an RN (BSN degree). I live in Oklahoma and currently make 100K per year. I am planning on moving to Washington state. What should my salary expectations be in that area of the country? Thanks in advance for your input!


To all my colleagues screaming that they were leaving the day Trump is elected, I hope you're serious. I want your utilization, bonus share, and the removal of your sore loser attitude.


I have uploaded the documents and HR told me salary discussion will be happening in coming weeks ,I have a experience of 8 years and my package is 6.11 LPA
How much package should I ask, kindly help me out


Hi nagarrians I have joined nagarro last year July as fresher on lowest package nagarro provide when will be appraisal and how much hike i can expect in minimum
I am working in project from last 2.5 months as DevOps resource


I have an offer to do some consulting for a company based out of the UK (I am in the US). The job would not go through a consulting company but would be directly with the company. I have not done any consulting before so I am not sure how it works, what I would need to set up (they mentioned that I would start a LLC and bill them directly, no idea how to do that), how to determine the tax implications of this, or what hourly rate I would expect. Can anyone offer advice?

What’s the avg salary for a Site manager with a Bachelors degree for a FQHC in South Florida?

Page 781 of the bill provides $25 million to the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives to cover "salary and expenses."

This is called a payoff. Pure and simple.


Any insights into ZS’ pipeline and launch strategy first round case interview?


Do you just split the referral bonus between you and the incoming lateral associate 50/50?


Hi, I got an offer letter from oracle as software engineer. Offered package was 17.91LPA including pf (17 fixed )

My YOE: 3.6.

CCTC: 10.5

Tech Stack: Java, Spring Boot, Microservices.

I already have an offer of 19LPA(16 fixed + pf + 2.4 variable + 2 JB).

Can i show this to oracle to revise my compensation?? will they consider it??


JPMorgan Chase
What should be the average salary for a product owner at JP Morgan Chase in US with 5 years of experience in IT and Finance.


I have given interview in 3rd week of August in CTS and cleared that round, but after that there were no update from HR.

How much time cts take to come back?

Is it normal that CTS take time to process?


I have my P&C license, work at an insurance agency in houston and I make 60k a year. I’ve been in insurance 12 yrs. Is that a decent salary?, I’ve never really looked around at other agencies.


Looking to exit UTHEALTH SA for other opportunities. Healthcare is great but pay/retirement is womp-womp. How is comp and benefits at your company? Can someone who has been in academic medicine as a Clinical Reporting Analyst transition to other industries? Thoughts fishies.


For Data Center people: I have a job offer to work as a Senior PM in Omaha, NB at $180K plus $1200/m housing plus $750 travel/m and 15% bonus annually. I have never worked in US before and coming from Canada so can you guys comment on what you think about this offer? I have 15 years of experience with a professional engineer license and PMP certification.


Anyone working at Fresenius medical care in software technology side? How is the experience?

Deloitte M&A fishes. Looking to benchmark comp. Is a $230k base in line with that PMI SMS make at Deloitte ? Can one expect bonus in the range of 20-40%?


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Like most tech companies, about a year ago my company started hiring remote employees. we all worked remotely for 24 months.

Now that we are reopening our offices, no one seems to be coming into the office yet. I really do not want to work remotely anymore, and I’m seriously considering changing jobs just to go back to a workplace where people are in person.

Is anybody else in this position? I feel like I am losing my mind working from home for two years with no end in sight.


MBA1s: Tell the recruiting market is bad without telling the recruiting market is bad.

Now go!


Has anyone transitioned teams with out causing drama/issues with your old team? I like my company, manager and team but I don't see the longevity in my current role, advice?


Any account people who moved to project management?

how much is the probation period in HCL and how many days of notice period in HCL during probation?


My boss makes her team submit a daily activity tracker every day. This isn’t normal, right?


Which one do you find to be a more important factor when picking between job offers, higher pay or exciting projects?


How do you get into Christmas mood?
What does Christmas mean to you?

I can't celebrate it how I'd want, for multiple reasons:
My cousins got a family
I don't know people that would like to spend time on the mountains.
Every year I have a blue because I can't celebrate it as I wish. Every person I know appears satisfied to celebrate them with parents / relatives.
I feel lost because I don't have many options, even though this year I analyzed the issue some weeks in advance.


Need Freelancer who has knowledge in Spring Core and Mysql Database


Does deloitte have a deal analytics practice?


ISO a good read. Any suggestions?


I'm not very good at advocating for myself but I've been in my position for a few years now without much growth. My manager is nice, and has taught me a lot, but I'm not sure if I'll ever make it to the next level. What should you do in this situation? Leave?


Hello fishes,

I'm looking for an opportunity as Data Analyst.
Can anybody help me with referrals? I'm currently Serving Notice Period and 1 month is remaining..

Y.O.E - 2+ Years
SKILLSET- Power BI, MySQL, VBA, Macros, Advanced Excel, PowerPoint

Thanks in advance!!


Hi fishes,
Need your help.

I have joined CTS a week ago. Now I have received a project proposal from TSC. The domain is "Insurance" and the account name is NATIONWIDE MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY. How this account and domain will be? Shall I accept that proposal.

If I have given interested means then definitely I need to work in that project? Kindly clarify me.

Kindly help me please.


Edelman NY: How’s the work-life balance?


When I was hired, I don't recall being informed about my salary being tied to my location. My employment contract also only makes one mention of location, and says "home office" and my state. I was recently told by HR though that if I move, my comp. will be lower. Is this legal? Should I consult a labor lawyer?

In my mind, I don't recall being told this and it's not clear from my employment contract, so I feel like they're breaking our agreement, and it feels unfair.

Thoughts on what to do?


New homeowner, bought a house with decent renovation potential including building a full bathroom in a mostly finished basement. I’m trying to figure out the deal with permits. Some folks have recommended doing it without permits because it takes ages to get approved, thoughts? I mean is building without a permit common practice?


KPMG is looking for qualified CA for their US audit engagement teams (statutory audit). DM me or reply in the comments if interested.
(Job ID - 22000E44 || Location - Kolkata)

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Hello! I am an experienced primary care group health center manager (I manage two sites) with 20+years experience as an RN (BSN degree). I live in Oklahoma and currently make 100K per year. I am planning on moving to Washington state. What should my salary expectations be in that area of the country? Thanks in advance for your input!


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Hi fishes,

I work as a Oracle technical consultant with SCM cloud knowledge.
YOE : 3.
How much pay can I expect when I move to my next company.

Thanks in advance.!


Hi Fishes,

When presenting a counter to the desired company, what points should one take care of?
How to approach?
Should we first inform on call and then email?
How many days before joining date should we counter?


Hey there, what's the market standard CTC for 5.5yrs in DevOps field?


What should be the expected CTC for a Senior Associate Data Science?
YOE: 8 overall and 4 years into Data Science. Current CTC 13.


Hi everyone,

What is the salary range for a Lead DevOps Engineer in
ZS Associates ? My current salary is 27LPA, YOE: 7yrs and will be undergoing HR discussion soon...

Thanks in advance!


How much hike does Infosys give to the 7 years experience candidate for senior java developer role on current Package Infosys


What is the base pay scale range for Product Manager in Product based company vs Service companies


Hi All,
I am a React Developer with 5.5 years of experience currently working with Accenture.

I got an offer from Eaton which is 23 LPA?

Is this a good deal?




I work in an IT firm for one of the biggest Motor Oil Company of US. My job role deals in Identity and Access Management. I have 4 years of experience.What could be the appropriate salary range if I go for a switch?
Fyi, job location is Noida.


Hi Fishes please help

HR has provided 2 options -

13.5 fixed + 2 jb (1 in the first month & 1 after 1 year)

14 fixed + 1 jb

Is there any catch, what should I prefer?

Hi everyone

My current CTC is 4.1L

My skills: Manual, API, Performance testing

Yoe: 3

Thinking of joining another company, How much should I expect in my next package jump?

Kindly help me with your suggestions!


Hi, anyone looking for referrals for profile- python, Java, project management, azure, cloud architect etc can DM me. There are openings in LTI.


CTS vs Qualcomm Same CTC , in Qualcomm it's inclusive of RSU. which one to consider Qualcomm Cognizant


Questions are for Mindtree standpoint:

Band for Technical specialist ?

Difference between Technical specialist V/s Technical lead, which is superior ?

What is the career path for Technical specialist ?

When negotiating salary what should be considered, is it the CTC or the Base Salary or CTC including the RSUs?
Working at a product based company with 11 yoe in below tech stack
Tech Stack: Java, Javascript, React & ELK stack
Please help me with below 3 questions.
1. What part in the above screenshot is fixed and variable?
2. For 11 yoe am I being underpaid?
3. What would be the next role if I go for a switch? (Would stick to tech and avoid managerial positions)

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Great Dilemma!!
Mindtree Offering 23.3(Fixed, no variable) with 50K JB and TCS offering 26 LPA including variables and 1 Lakh Retention Bonus.

Which one should I join? please help


How much max salary 4yoe resource applying for Customer Due Diligence profile in banking domain sector can demand? It would be appreciated if someone can shed light on that. Thank you in advance.


Hello All
I am 28ish year old
BE Comp Engg 2016 graduate
33 months work experience in a start up
MBA from one of the premier institute 2021 graduate
Obviously due to COVID the offer I got was around 15LPA

I am planning to switch jobs
And I am wondering what exactly should be my ask?
I have seen my peers earning quiet well and I was thinking for someone with my profile atleast 22 to 24LPA can be my ask.

It will be my first job switch
So I need some suggestions
Thank you


Hey folks,
Can someone tell me about the company
Lumen Technology and their salary structure?


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