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I work as of counsel at a small firm directly with 1 other attorney. I have worked w/ the other attorney for the last 10 years. How much paid maternity leave is reasonable to request?

How long should you work to avail maternity leave in TCS. (Normally its 80 days) I have an offer and came to know that i am expecting. Is it a good idea to inform manager/HR upfront. Will it have any negative consequnces on my offer?

I want this child and this switch is equally important to me at this time.
I am in dilemma pls help


What are some additional maternity benefits or perks at your firm (beyond leaves)? I have heard of Amex gift cards, firm-based support groups, free counselling, goodies (parenting books, water bottles), free pump... what else?


What would you do with a month off? (No travel suggestions please)


How are Amazon benefits? Any really good perks you like?


Hello Everyone, Could anyone help me with the benefits,stocks ,pay for Senior Analytics Consultant position?


Can anyone share the Scotiabank employee benefits? How is the family insurance deductable? How is the yoy hikes and bonus? Can you take accumulate and take PTO's ? @scotiabank


Hello All! I am working on a research project on benefits in the modern workplace. I am looking at companies who are tech/start-up/software/SaaS who offer unlimited or flexible PTO and how many paid vacation days you offer as well. This includes mental health & recharge days too. Thank you so much for the help!


Hi fishes.
Can anyone please help me understand if BNP Paribas Mumbai provide relocation benefits to outstation joiners?
What are their relocation benefits? Do I need to ask for it or is it a part of your joining benefits?

I’m 90% certain my owners are selling our privately held financial services company. This is a family owned company and they have always been very generous and cared for their employees. I’m not sure whether I should start pursuing other opportunities and cash out my PTO or stay until the end and hope they want to still care for their employees once the acquisition is complete. Has anyone been in a similar situation and have any advice to offer?

For those folks not planning to stay in the US long term, what benefits do we get as return of social security and Medicare taxes deducted from our pay check each month?

Hi Fishes

I wanted to know the Employee Perks/ benefits provided by
Freshworks Inc to employees.

I am currently working in a Company where in they pay ₹ 5,000/- a month for wellness reimbursement, free Cab, food Annual Education reimbursement upto ₹3,50,000/- etc

All employees are eligible to these benefits and these are beyond the CTC.

Does Freshworks Inc provide any of the above or any other benefits besides CTC ?

Summing up the Pro’s and Con’s


1. Yearly hike starting from 10%. ( 1st year hike could be around 6%)
2. Work life balance
3. Large pool of paid leaves ( Around 44 days of paid leave)
4. Huge number of internal opportunities
5. Health insurance by company

Cons :

1. Business travels are mostly for management peoples
2. No benefits out of CTC like free food , free cab
3. No gifts for any festivals
4. Leaves cant be encashed and only 7 will get carry forward


Hi fishes
Do Global logic has openings for reactjs dev? And how is work culture benefits and do they have wfh positions right now?

Do you guys sometimes think you’re not living life right? Like you’re some type of robot. I think the 40 hour work week + PTO constraints is a bit much.


i joined GlobalLogic 1 month back , client is not allocated yet, but i want 4 days leave in January due to some personal function, can i approach for leave

How is the HSBC project at Capco with respect to WLB and work? And what are some good employee benefits that Capco offers better than others. And also benefits that Capco does not offer but most other companies do?

Heard that Arthur D Little had some major salary increases across the board. What’s the new salary for consultants (C1-C3)? Also, any insight on benefits? Looking to explore an opp with ADL but recruitment in the ME is a pain so I’d like to know what I’m getting myself into 😅


Amicably resigning from my current position as intake coordinator at a private practice and the owner of the practice (also my boss) refuses to pay me my remaining PTO. What should I do? (In Illinois)

Hi Fishes,
What are the benefits of joining pwc? Do you have wfh allowance and embloyee well being for phone reimbursement like Deloitte?
If yes, is this level specific?


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Son’s 2nd birthday coming up.. thinking of opening a custodial account for him and buy a couple hundred dollars worth of a SP500 index fund and continue doing that on subsequent birthdays. Is it a good birthday gift? I understand the drawbacks of a custodial account (losing control once the kid grows up and it affects financial aid etc). I think it will be cool for him to see all the purchase dates fall on his birthdays and teach him about long term investment


Does anyone have their PHD or DBA? If so what are you currently doing and was it worth pursuing? I recently obtained my MBA and I’m looking into some programs but trying to see what’s the best fit for me.


I just got engaged and I’m totally lost budget wise. I’ve reached out to a handful of venues who all informed me they have an approx 35k minimum. A lot of these places are all inclusive taking care of food etc. I’m unsure m what 35k minimum would mean for a total wedding budget. I’d LOVE some insight. What were some general costs and what did your wedding end up costing at the end of the day?


what should you do when you are interviewing with a few agencies, and end up taking a position at one of them but are still in beginning stages (meeting with CDs and whatnot) at another one that you’re super interested in? like do you continue interviewing to build connections with the CDs so they can put name to face or should you say something now? basically trying to avoid burning bridges and hopefully establishing a good relationship for future opportunities. sos :)


I have USAA, so was paid today, and no bonus...but my compensation statement is not available to guessing that means no bonus for me this year?

I haven’t put any cash in the stock market yet. Does anyone think it’ll get to 2008 levels? At this point, recommend blue chip type stocks and others when I do get back in? Walmart, HD, Disney, etc


Can anyone tell me whats the median salary for Functional Safety Engineer? I had an offer for 140k (it was a 6 month contract position though). I will also be getting an offer internally at my current work place (which is full time) . Since full time offers more job security. I am not expecting them to match or put in an offer close to that amount, but just wanted to get an estimate


What is the average variable paid on top of the fixed ctc..i have heard that the average goes around 15%. Is this correct?


Anyone know the best way to get into the mid/ back office roles at a PE firm?
Currently in public accounting in FDD, realized front office roles are not in the cards at the moment, but thinking FP&A or something similar in the space interests me.


Any clue on what would be the expected salary range for Director of Technology role in BMO capital markets?
Appreciate inputs!


What you guys feel about the new structural changes in Novartis !!!


Newbie question - I have been using my chase points for airbnb redemption. (Lack the fighting spirit to hunt for airline/hotel redemption deals and adjust my travel for those things)

The only other thing that points would work is cross pacific flight upgrade (ecom to biz). How many points would that usually cost?

Was scrolling through linkedin posts and saw EYGDS opened one more ofc in Kolkata and the interior and location is too good.
Why Deloitte acquired a 2 decade old Technopolis building in Kolkata!?!? 😐😏


Looking to transition into an HR leadership position. 17+ years experience in running a startup managing 50-100 people (15 years) and handled all facets of hiring, firing, compensation, negotiation, training and employee relations. Responsibilities also include other non HR functions such as business dev., client relations and expansion, logistics. Currently studying for the SPHR and plan to take the GPHR as well. Thoughts on difficulty of moving into an HR leadership role?


Hello Sharks,

How is coindcx ? I mean keeping in mind the regulations for crypto in india please.


I am very open about my mental illness (depression+anxiety) and happy to say it doesn’t seem to have negatively impacted my coworkers perceptions of me at all. So grateful I did! Any Qs I can answer?


Additional Posts in Tech Recruiting

Good Morning all,

Since I pivoted into TA (from the Wild West known as Finance) Tech Recruiting has always been the goal. But I’m having a hard time finding a way to get into that space (I do understand there’s a hiring crisis). Nevertheless, does anyone know of tech companies that are hiring? I may be low on the experience side so I’m willing to look at contract/ entry roles as well. Also, any advice will be appreciated. Thanks in advance!


Is anyone willing to share what they are making in their role and how big of an organization they are working for? I'm wondering if my compensation is fair.


Are there any tech or DEI related networking groups that anyone utilizes or finds helpful when sourcing?


Hello, I am new here! My contract is ending with Microsoft as a recruiter and I am looking for new opportunities, I am based in Canada and authorised to work. Do you have any openings in Canada where you could refer me?Microsoft PwC Amazon EY Tesla Apple Scotiabank RBC TD


Any in house tech recruiters for consulting firms? What does your comp look like? Looking to see what my comp compares to for L1 recruiters.


I am seeking a tech recruiter with at least one year of recent tech recruitment experience, for a fully remote role on my team. US based recruiters only- central or eastern time zones preferable.
This is for a direct relationship, large enterprise client. Please ping me or reach out to me for more info.


Anyone know the going rate for a React Native Mobile Developer on a 6 month contract? Canada or US hourly or per diem


Do you think that sales skills are an important/integral part of tech recruiting? Or recruiting in general? Do you see what you do as partly being "sales" oriented?


*URGENT JOB NEEDED* - BDM/E-com account management roles
Hey all, as I see a lot of recruiters in this group I wanted to know if anyone is hiring for BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT MANAGER or E-COM ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT or VENDOR MANAGEMENT roles.
My husband is relentlessly trying to get a job in Canada/US but he is getting either regret mails or no response for referrals.
It would be really helpful if there is anyone is hiring for such roles or if you can refer to those roles in your organization. TIA :)


Hi there,
I am a Global Director of Talent Acquisition with a growing team in North America. We are looking to hire an additional 5 Talent Acquisition Partners (Montreal, QC, Halifax, NS, Fort Wayne, IN, and two completely remote roles in the US). Anyone interested in having an exploratory conversation? Perhaps you or someone you know would be interested?

Thank you,


ISO of a Lead SalesForce Developer.

3 Years of experience as a lead (managing team)

3+ Years of experience in SalesForce (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Revenue Cloud & portals)

Salary range - 135k


Are there any companies having trouble finding data scientists?


ISO Sr. IT Development Mgr.

10+ yrs in FullStack custom applications using C#, .NET, Java, Angular, Node.js and a few years engineering leadership
5+ years in SaaS solutions

ISO Sr. Software Engineer

10+ yrs in FullStack applications using C#, .NET, Java, Angular, Node.js
Extensive experience in AWS or Azure

ISO Principal Software Engineer

12-15 yrs in FullStack custom applications using C#, Java, Angular, Node.js
Designed high-availability applications in a multi-tier cloud architecture



I am a technical specialist looking to transition to tech recruiting. Can anyone help me find a remote position? I keep applying but I keep getting rejected. I am a recent grad with a communications degree, I have recruiting and tech background, I am also bilingual in Spanish and English. Can someone please help me. Looking for a salary $80k+


Hi Fishies :) I'm currently recruiting for a couple of senior engineer roles and have been making use of AngelList. The HMs have asked me to look into other similar recruitment tools and I would really appreciate any advice on similar recruitment tools I can look into. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions :)


Hello all,

I am a recent college grad that has been struggling to transition & find a good entry QA role. Does anyone know a remote entry level Quality Assurance Analyst or QA Specialist roles hiring? I live in Washington, DC so I can be on site as well. TIA and open to any advice or referrals as well!!