When is the promotion letter June 2022 releasing for IT Analyst

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VPs in PR - what’s the salary range I should be anticipating for a promotion? 10 years experience, really solid, high profile and niche specialty experience

Got an offer from Accenture for Manager position. I am currently making 112K. How much raise I can expect or ask for? I was told 10-20% would be there but that does not sound much to me. Thoughts?


What is the typical raise/increment that you or people you know got this year - also did you get a bonus as well? (In USA)


At what point is it realistic to ask for $$ to pay ourselves as founders (who will quit their job?) and how much is appropriate?

We are currently doing a pre-seed raise of $500k, but I’m really struggling to balance my work and my start-up.

Note that my current job pays $100k, and I don’t have a crazy resume.


MAcc, CPA, CFE, CAMS 4+ years experience in public accounting, 2 years in FinTech Assurance and 2 years in forensics. Im slotted for manager promotion in September, but started looking for a new job in forensics. What base pay should I be looking for at the manager level?


Has anyone received a cost of living raise this year? If so, how much?


Curious what Salaries are for Account Managers with 6 YOE and two different territories for the last four of those 6 years. No commission/bonuses ever given and no promotions since I took the position 6 years ago despite speaking up several times. COL raises at 1.5% and I now make 70k but at the top of my pay range. I’m starting to look for other jobs now because I’m fed up with having two territories without a raise for the extra work. I feel I should have been promoted to Senior AM long ago.


How did the compensation statements turn out for PDM folks?
1) Only AIP
2) Only base increase
3) Promotion (yes/no)


How have you successfully negotiated a pay raise and proved your value as a SMM, considering ROI is not always so easy to prove?

Apraisal talk started with the manager? How much we should expect to raise this time.

After working 2 years without a raise or cost of living bump, am I entitled to ask for a $15k bump with my promotion in April? I’m currently making 55k and acting as an Account/Brand Manager.


Anyone received promotion letter in Jul 2022 in TCS?


At a different job I had a customer trying to swindle me in telling me that there was a deal in an item that never had a deal or promotion for sale so he made me scan the item 20 times before believing me. Obviously, he finally let it go but I scan it with an inventory scanner that showed me all of the sale price promotions if there were any


For a top Producer of 3 years, is it appropriate to now ask for a raise in my base pay? Base was 42,500 when I started, but now inflation + 2 children later the base pay barely gets me by. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!


I've been working at this company for a few years now, and I've always felt like I'm being paid what I'm worth. But now I know that's not true—there are other people with less experience than me who are making more. Tips for asking for a raise?


Hey all, I'm approaching my 1yr anniversary in my current role, and I'm curious of what I should expect in terms of a raise.

I started at $57k base last year, with OTE of $70k

I received a small raise at the start of this year, along with a new comp plan so current numbers are $59k base and ~$80k OTE.

This role is in a life sciences vertical. SDRs in this vertical w/ a year of experience average 60-70k base.

I'd like to land at $65k, thoughts?

Rant: Fragile white male manager on different team is condescending in all emails and correspondence and when I firmly raise an issue that he should’ve mentioned to me he immediately says “be careful how you address me and who is your manager - I feel attacked”. I am glad I stood up and also trying with all my might to not apologize because he took offense.


I was promoted to manager in Jan but received an offer with a 35% salary increase and much cheaper health insurance outside the firm. I am 85% sure I’ll take the offer, but wanted to see if anyone could think of acting I may be missing out on by leaving? FYI my inflation increase was larger than my promotion increase and my student loan payments also were stopped since I’m no longer an SA. I think what is holding me back is my guilt for my immediate team but just want to check.


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Putting in notice today at a very small firm that the owner wished for me to take over one day. It’s time, and it’s complicated, but according to former associates he’s acted completely unreasonable in response to associates leaving. Wish me luck.


We need to grow the bowl for this to be effective.


What all are the sectors in Noida where EY GDS is located?


I got an offer with a standard chartered Bank after i rejoined cognizant. Pay is the same but SCB offers me an association manager.

The thing is I just joined cognizant 15 days back for the same project with the same roles and responsibilities.

In cognizant night Shift i don't like it.
In a standard chartered day shift.

If I resign I would have a problem in future on bgv? Because my previous experience 1 year with cognizant.


Gareeb hu sir. 🤣🤣Infosys Tata Consultancy Wipro Tech Mahindra HCL Technologies Mindtree LTI Information Technology Accenture Deloitte EY

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Hello ladies. I know this may not be the right platform, but I’m trying to get any help I can. 2nd year analyst here, top performer. Always did the work and put in the hours. Looking for any opportunities available. I am on an H1B visa. If anyone knows of any availabilities please hit me up. It’s a horrible time and need any help I can get.


Is anyone’s building’s gyms open yet? Or your friends gyms?


Do Data Analysts in India get remote working option in general, considering they will work with production(real user) data in project?

I would love to hear opinions on weight discrimination at firms. At my previous, very stressful, toxic firm, I was so miserable that I put on about 75 lbs. I was already heavy before then. Since starting at my new firm, I’ve lost 125 lbs, mainly because I have enough mental space and time to exercise and cook. I’m noticing that I’m being treated differently now (more work coming my way, better feedback, etc.) It might not be the weight, but curious if others have had similar experiences.


Does anyone know of someone with connection regarding healthcare open opportunities? I’m seeking a full time job position. Thank you.


Hello!! I am currently looking for Customer Success Managers! The company is OneReach, a conversational AI company. We are looking for candidates interested in tech with 0-2 years of experience and willing to learn!! Awesome company, awesome culture!! Please message me if your interested!!!


Has anyone gone to a Girls Gotta Eat live show? I love the podcast


What’s the average time it takes for you to get over a breakup? Relative to the relationship.


Hi Techies,

Need your suggestion in selecting an offer.

Philips - 32 CTC

Maersk - 32 CTC

Daimler - 33 CTC

Tech stack all are similar

Please suggest which one to choose.

I am looking for good wlb and job security.

Philips Maersk Daimler Daimler Truck Innovation Center India Siemens


For those of you who are married, how do you address your mother in law? Do you call them mom? Do you call them by their first name?


I have an offer of 25 ctc(10%variable) from Capgemini and later I got an offer of 30ctc(10%variable ). Is Capgemini better option and secondly can I try to negotiate with Capgemini?Capgemini EY

Is the customer always right?


I’m not even sure what really triggers me but I always have feeling on my chest of doom. Sometimes it’s a simple text, a comment or something “small” that pokes me and I pop like a water balloon, that was barely keeping it together. The doom then is no longer ignorable


Went from unpaid intern to contract, my boss didn’t pay me very much the whole year about $600 even though I worked on multiple UX projects. He promised me work with companies the whole time and didn’t deliver and was hard to get a hold of. I got an offer 6 figures and told him I was leaving. He suddenly wants me to work on his stalled projects after months of not submitting the materials 4 days before work. In the long run, he is a good contact but I no longer want to be a doormat.


Additional Posts in TCS Promotion 2021

Hi Friends,

I have tcs offer of X and other company offer of X+2.5 Lac.

Can I ask tcs hr to match the new offer?
Will there be any issues? Any chances that HR cancelling the current offer?

Please suggest

Anyone got info about AST promotions for current quater?

Tata Consultancy I got the pune location in my offer letter......is it possible it can be changed to TCS indore.....I have asked HR but he say Indore is not available.

please advise!!!


Did promotion letter for AST released for SEP22?

Is tcs lucknow has job opening for network Engineer?

Promotion letter received for October cycle 2021?

I have tcs offer of 23 LPA and birlasoft offer of 25.5 LPA + 2 L joining bonus.

Please suggest which one is good.

Any idea about when the promotion letter will released?


How much time tcs takes to share the feedback? I given interview on 10th March

Last quarter TCS holds all promotions. Any idea about this quarter? Will TCS plan to release letters?


Hi All,
Promotion letters are out for C2 and C3A

I have tcs offer of 23 LPA and birlasoft offer of 25.5 LPA + 2 L joining bonus
Sap basis
Yoe 7.4

Please suggest which one is good.

Anyone got C3A promotion letters from July 2021? Please comment

Any news about promotions any deadline?


Any update on promotion??


Hello Guys,

I have 8 years of experience with more than 4 years in the current organization. Current package is 9.5 LPA. I have offers with Accenture (14L fixed and 4L variable) and CTS (15.5L fixed and 70k variable) both having more than 75% hike.
In my current organization, I see a scope for onsite assignment (not 100% confirmed though). I am confused of which one to choose - Wheather to stay back or switch to which company.

Any suggestion is appreciated. Thanks

Which month do we get ASOC promotion letters in tcs?

I Appeared for an interview for RPA - Automation Anywhere. I didn't got any response after the interview. Then when I reached hiring manager through LinkedIn I got to know I cleared all the rounds but my expected cts is high so they might have rejected. First thing is I never said what I am expecting . And I clearly told In managerial round that I am open for salary discussion.

But no one responded. Will I get the call back in time? Or I just leave it and go ahead with other companies?

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