About to get a base salary raise from $100=>$150, what is something you couldn’t do at $100 but started doing/recommend doing at $150?

*24M, no student loans, no debt at all

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Save half my pretax salary.


What's your breakdown of expense vs income?

I was only contributing 6% salary to my 401k at 100 because I was doing Roth IRA/HSA/other investing. 6% was my employer match.

Once I got to 150, I did the full 19.5 limit and mega backdoor Roth too


No, tech now

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Get my own apartment, and Stop having to live with roommates.


House keeping services!




Don’t do anything different. To sccumb to lifestyle


I got my own room in a (nicer) apartment instead of sharing a room in a smaller one (HCOL city). Also, I started just covering the bill whenever going out with close friends who were younger.

I didn’t really change my lifestyle other than that.


Max out retirement accounts


This might sound a bit silly , but invest in good clothes/ dry cleaning/ laundry/ House cleaning services / taking some self development courses / high quality personal trainer . That’s what I would with that additional money. It will help you make 10 times more in the next 5-10 years


I save a lot more money. I've lived in the same condo for 5 years and my comp has approximately doubled in that time. If I was renting I would have been tempted to get nicer and nicer apartments. Now I don't think twice about nice dinners, trips, tickets to games, etc. Keep your living expenses modest and you'll have money to save and have fun.


OP dyin to put on those golden handcuffs lol


Growth Strategy Manager, not technical at all

You should assess what is important to you and make a decision based on that. Obviously saving more is great (and what I did in an identical situation) but you should balance that with enjoying your life.

For me, I live in a LCOL city and already was comfortable when I made $75k / year. So I’ve been able to change very little with my spending (I do take more trips) and put away the excess as I’ve gotten raises and bonuses (at around $250k total comp now).

In my mid-30s now and have around $1.5m put away between retirement, personal investments, and personal savings which lets me consider things like taking a year off to travel or joining a riskier venture with my next job without worrying about my future much.

But again that’s because I enjoy life just fine without spending a ton on day to day stuff.


What city/state are you in? Are you happy with your quality of life in that city?

Fronting money to book Airbnb’s for myself and friends and traveling almost all the time


More BTC


As an associate you’ll be making $150?! Im not even making half that at a year 2 senior associate.. 31F 😢


What AC are you at. I have friends who work there and make more then half of 150 as seniors?

Made that jump recently and started investing/saving about 40% of my net pay and bumped my 401K from 8% to 12%.


Gotta ask, Are you jumping from associate to senior associate? And what company? You’re making more than me in a HCOL area as a senior associate 😭🥹


Ahh thanks for the detail I was about to walk off a ledge 🤣🤪


Max out 401k, build 6-month emergency fund, invest monthly, and VERY occasionally spring for a true wardrobe investment piece (eg $400 boots I loved right then vs waiting for them to go on sale/out of season) or fancy Michelin-type meal.

Invest in yourself - quality items that will last for years, personal development (health + knowledge) and travel lots.

Even at 100 in HCOL I lived pretty comfortably, but basically savings/investment and a lot of travel. Travel ain’t cheap but started to actually go to cool places and focused more on enjoyment than “this hotel is xx more expansive than that”

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Hello Fishes,

I am looking for suggestions how to negotiate position and Salary,

I am scheduled for Salary Negotiation interview in Johnson controls.
They are offering me Deputy Manager however I want Manager in Accounts and Finance - AR

YOE 11 in OTC - AR Finance
Current Role - AM
Current CTC 6.8Lac (Under Paid)

HSA - not in the country last year so no high deductible insurance taken. I have high deductible plan now and looks like can contribute until April 18th to HSA and count it towards tax year 2021 deduction? Is it possible?


Not a homeowner - but looking to buy in 2-3 years. I feel like I'm saving well, but could save more pre-tax with my 401k.

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Wlb :
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Yearly hike % :
Onsite opportunities :
Your location :


Is $75k a fair salary for a Senior Planning Strategist in LA or should I shoot for more? Was told the average is usually 75k but depending on experience/etc they sometimes offer higher or lower.

☝️What's your best hard-earned advice for someone interviewing, job seeking, or negotiating a salary?

Drop it below! 👇


Are LLC members considered employees of its holding company for IRS and Dept of Labor? Otherwise I would need to have a multiple-entity 401K, which seems unnecessarily complicated for my small business plan.

If my company has 401(k) program but doesn’t match any percentage, is it still really important to put money in it? What would be the advantage vs other types of investing?

I have a few other accounts where I contribute monthly into index funds and I always hear strong opinions about maxing out your 401k and whatnot but I don’t know the benefits/advantages of that plus I wouldn’t be able to max out the contributions


Looking to move from govt to a consulting firm. What's the salary range for a contracts manager?


Canadian real estate PE analyst here. Negotiating a new new contract, was wondering what typical third years get in salary? How about bonuses? How are your bonuses structured? Thanks!


Seems like I can never get good redemption rates with Bonvoy points and after a year haven’t been able to use much. Saw that you can sell 100k points on eBay for about $700 after fees...worth it?


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People on LinkedIn will flex even if they switched on the lights in the boardroom!


Currently 3 months into clerkship, and receiving much less (barely) work than I anticipated. I’ve tried to mention that i am ready to take on more but no dice. Should i be concerned? What should I do?


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Manager: He wrote the book.


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Ihave 3 years of experience. Have been working in ETL Testing. Pay 4.3L. I am learning DevOps currently to make a shift. Any suggestions or tips for getting hands on experience would be appreciated.


I always leave when things start to be good, whether it’s personal or professional. Is this considered self-sabotaging?


Any R1 Wharton or Darden apps receive interview invite yet?


We are looking for Multi cloud experience , Primarily on Azure and a person who has handled a team of Azure Cloud Experience 4-5 years with architecting experience or Bend of Mind.


He should have handled Azure & GCP, while Azure & OCI combination also works.


Band : C1


Location : Anywhere in India.

Budget : Open



Multi cloud experience 4+ Years

Architect Experience



Terraform /Ansible

Team handling

Overall experience >10


Need some copywriting help. Best excuse to ditch work on Monday? Yeah I know it’s Saturday but I’m already thinking about this...thanks!


Does your firm pay for wifi / supper money?


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Is anyone still holding PTON 😂🥵🙈?


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