Anyone work at Snap's London office?

Wondering how strict the 9am-6pm hours and 4 days RTO policy is?

I just signed a contract yesterday for a role based in the London office but after years of WFH will find this a challenge I think! 😞

I was laid off at end of March and out of work since so when they offered me the role I didn't think twice!


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Nobody here works at Snap in London?

Rare UK presence in this bowl

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Basic question from a noob in SF - What is the best home internet provider in SF? What’s your suggestion for the best deal. Wife and I WFH so wanna make sure internet is firmed up!


Hello, anyone’s (big law) firm good with remote/hybrid? Corporate/transactional if that helps. Trying to consider how doable it would be to live farther away and commute in 2 or 3x per week, as necessary/useful.

Raise you hand if your agency had layoffs today...


Are you in contact with the partner or partners you work with everyday or regularly during wfh or have they gone mia? Is the contact more by phone or email?


Has anyone ever been laid off / transitioned out because they weren't promoted to the next level within a specified timeframe? How did you approach that topic when interviewers ask why you left?


Random bus rider asks me on our way to Port Authority (NJ to NY ).... does the bus take this long every morning?

My dude was finally coming back to the office after WFH since 2020.

It has begun...


Amazon Tax?
Does anybody know if the teams are working remotely and if so how long the positions will stay remote? Is Amazon considering long term remote like Microsoft? I’m interested in applying to a tax manager position with the company, but wanted to know more about how they’re handling the covid situation and how the employees feel working there? I’ve seen a few other posts, but looking for more insights.


Anyone worried about layoffs? Has there been any talk?


Is 3 days in office per week really going to be monitored or enforced after RTO is in effect ? Or is it more like a guideline.. I am more keen on 2 days office plus 3 wfh..


Hello all, I have a few questions regarding BA Continuum:

In terms of hierarchy, how many band levels are there at BA Continuum GBS?
What is the current WFH policy and what is the RTO plan?
Those working in GIFT city, how is the campus and what accommodation arrangements are available nearby? Is cab service available?


Who all miss seeing their crush everyday in the office. WFH is great but it sucks sometime 🤷


Hi Guys
I will be joining IBM next week in Bangalore ( physical onboarding ) and my hometown is in West bengal , My father is having health problems , mother won't be able to handle everything and no such person we can rely on . Also I am getting married in January . Hence If i stay in Bangalore there will be no one to take responsibility for my marriage prep also . If i convey to my ibm manager will they consider for 4months of WFH?Any documents may have to show?
Need your suggestion please


Has WFH made anyone else realize how bad your ADHD actually is? I didn’t realize how many strategies and coping mechanisms I had that are related to being in an office. For example, I really need body doubling to keep me on task.


layoff news about Amazon is true or just a rumour ?Amazon


I was just involved in a Teams meeting where it was announced that leadership is now creating a hybrid model. They clearly stated we will not be returning to the office that we left in 3/2020. This was shocking to me! Earliest back in office now set for Oct. More info to come. I was working from home 2 days a week pre covid, so we'll see what happens. I am in MN.


Sab companies call kar rhi hain. Par wfh dene waali nai kar rhi. 20 days left of NP. Ab toh bula lo. Nai jana mjhe apna sheher chhod ke fir NCR Pune traffic n pollution mien. 2 lakh kam dedena bas bula lo. Na cvent deti hai na HSC. Na legato deti hai na cogni kuchh batati hai. Nai jana mjhe hybrid mien. 3 din office 2 day home se kya krunga. Na idhr ka rhunga na udhr ka. Hybrid bandh kro na yaar. Nagarro Mphasis EPAM Systems PwC Tech Mahindra


Hi guys, Is there any clue when Pepsico GBS Hyderabad office will be reopened? Or will there be completely WFH this year? And incase of relocation, how much is the relocation bonus?


Anyone else come from creative? I made the move about a year ago after being laid off (out of necessity, junior strat roles in creative were hard to come by), and have found the transition...

Do we get WFH from native place at wells Fargo?


I will be starting a remote fellowship with Deloitte GPS later this month as part of the SkillBridge program. I’ve had to work in person the whole pandemic, so this is my first taste of the remote world. What items for a home office does everyone recommend? I’m already looking into a ultra wide monitor and better mouse/keyboard.


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anyone made the move to pharma? pros/cons? i have no prior pharma experience nor a science degree, but am intrigued by the sector’s stability/pay


Im a Design Engineering from Mexico but Im also an American citizen, I would like to know how can I get my wet-stamp and if I need it… I have my degree from Mexico but I’m not not familiar with the process I have to follow to work as an Engineer in the States


Which US (tier 2?) Firm is it that hires in Canada but doesn't have an office here and pays in USD? A friend is looking to apply to MBB and asking for some help and thought I'd also recommend he looks at them. Been mentioned here a few times I think.


Hi consulting fish, seeking career path advice. I really enjoy/ excel working with clients/ business leads to understand opportunity spaces, determine how/where data can play a role, develop use cases

I am so relaxed!

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Is it true that for Senior associate L1 there is max limit of 25 lakh.. More than that can't be given? Any hr or manager here from sapient


Hi moms..I am 38 but will be 39 when third kid comes along. The other two are 8 and 17 months. Finally found a job I like and am good at. We were officially done having kids after number 2 but this sudden surprise happened. I am 11 weeks and still can't get excited about this. I just never enjoyed the new born phase and pregnancy. I am also sad about being the old mom in the playground..I know not important but feel embarrassed about having a surprise at 39. Can anyone relate?


Anyone know buildings in west loop that are 1 bedroom and 2K / month or less?


Whats the best industry certification for business analyst?


I have an offer from Accenture for CL9 Level for UK Location and the HR told they can offer me 45£-55£ is this fine ..


Which would be better to choose non technical domain Tata Consultancy / Genpact Tcs - location Mumbai
Genpact - gurgaon
Both providing same CTC

YoE 3


Publicis Groupe- Epsilon is actively hiring for below positions (currently WFH) , DM me if you need reference❗❗
For JD of below positions look into comments-

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I have got an upcoming joining at HSBC Hyderabad as senior consultant. Any tips of what can I expect there compared to Accenture
Also I live in Delhi, would it be possible to continue to work from here

Can someone tell how is the work life balance in JP Morgan client in Synechron.

And is it good choice to accept Synechron by rejecteing deloitte offer


I want to get trained on SAP BW4HANA
Can anyone suggest a good SAP academy or know someone who can train on BW4HANA.

As the social media landscape becomes more fractured, on which platforms do you think each profession primarily congregates?


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I’m interviewing for a TPM role at Google and wondering if anyone has any tips or suggestions? This is my first phone interview with the hiring manager. Thank you, appreciate it!


I am currently working in USA and my company offered me a role in Belfast, UK. I would really appreciate some information that would make me more comfortable in accepting the position:

1. What is the salary range for a Senior Data Analyst in Belfast?
2. What is the cost of living in Belfast for a single individual - information like rent, groceries and transportation will be very useful.

Thanks in advance!


Welcome to UK Tech!

This is a place to talk a out and discuss all things tech in the UK.

Whether you've got a question about salaries in Manchester or maybe you're looking for CV advice for your first dev role, or you might just want to blow off some steam. This is the place to do it!


Any sponsorship available in UK for Test Architect

Does your first role matter in terms of changing industries later on ?

Sainsbury's Has anyone interviewed at Sainsbury's DTD? I have a Tech + Behavioural Competency Interview scheduled for a Cloud Engineer role and would like to know how it would be?

Any employees who are currently working in DTD?

Could you please shed some light on how the general work culture is and how's the hybrid working flexibility?

Thanks in advance!

Hi there,
Anyone here into technical Consultancy. I am looking for a suggestion/advise as where does this leads to after years (5-7) of experience. What’s the career ladder onwards?


Tap in! Where do you work in the UK and what do you do in tech?


Anyone here working with Premier Farnell, UK?
Have been scheduled for an interview for salesforce admin and wanted to know what the work culture is like
Thanks! 😊

Hi all

Can anyone explain the salary bands at Vodafone and how they work? They’re talked about but not published publicly

Curious outsider


Does anyone know how the Sainsbury DTD tech teams work?
I recently got an offer for a London location but it says I should be prepared to travel at least 2 times a week, but the number of travels depends on the team.@sainsbury

Hi all,
Capgemini UK is hiring rigorously. If anyone wants a reference let me know, I can refer you. 😀


Hi Fishes, I am actively looking for opportunities within sales support functions and currently applying for vacancies for Sales Operations Analyst, I have 4 years of experience using Salesforce for reporting and dashboard needs and order processing. I wanted advice if there are any roles that I could target where I could utilise my salesforce experience? Any advice for upskilling for better opportunities? Thanks! 😊

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Is it typical for UK companies not to cover the cost of visa sponsorship and to assume that the international applicant knows that they will have to fund the process themselves without telling them?


Googled Senior .NET developer salary and average is apparently 60K. Is that right or am I grossly underpaid?


Hi there!
I completed the last round of an interview (presentation) last week. Originally they said they would be calling my references & then make an offer accordingly.
Today they updated that they'd like me to travel to their HQ (based in Nordics & I'm in London) for the final round where I'd meet the CEO, the hiring manager and a couple of people in the team.
I don't think I'm the only one in the process - even though initially the last round was the presentation.
What are your thoughts?

Currently working as a consultant in the US for a software company. Moving to UK next year for personal reasons and my company is sponsoring my visa and has offered me a Product Manager position (per my request to make a career change). Currently at 155 TC in the US and not sure how negotiate UK salary for a new position.

What do you think is a good salary for a Creative Technologist fresh from a masters in the UK?