Hi All

I have two offers
Mphasis 21.5L CTC
Birlasoft 24L CTC

Which one is the best in terms of career growth ?

Posting as :
works at
You are currently posting as works at

Birlasoft is good.
Try for other options as well.

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How much have you heard of Paid Social Planners/Markets making at companies in the tech space? I'm thinking about leaving my media agency company.


Thoughts on Prosci or SHRM-SCP certification? Which would be considered more valuable or highly regarded? Currently focused on Change Management but have a HR background (industry experience / area of study in college).


Left my first job after just shy of two years because I was bored. Have been at my current job for about half a year and it’s a great resume builder but an absolute horror story (long hours, unreasonable clients, tons of weekend work that’s not worth the pay). If I left in a few months, at the 10 month mark, would that significantly hurt my chances of getting a strong exit opportunity? I can’t imagine staying here for the full year but I don’t want to blow my chances at leaving for a cool job


Hey fishes,
Need help with a query. I had a joining bonus of 2LPA subjected to tax deductions. Now, since I am leaving within an year of joining, the company is asking me to pay back the complete 2LPA. In this case, what happens to the tax I have already beared close to 45,000. Will I get it when I file ITR?


Hi, I'am curious to know how much tech recruiters make in India? In the funded startups and FAANG's


Any consultants from computer science major? Can you please share the kind of work you do..I am not a big fan of coding but want to do some level of technical work..fine with front end/UI development (not sure if this a good career choice and if there is anything at EY). I'm trying to figure out different options that technical people have in consulting other than just coding. Please provide your insights.


Got a job offer for Wells Fargo, anyone knows what the Quarterly Bonus for a personal banker looks like?

Anyone knows the gap between a Case manager’s and a Wellness Case manager’s salary by any chance? Thanks!


Does Accenture provide interest free loan / salary advance??
If yes then at what conditions?


Currently a medical assistant and considering the PA route. Living in Canada where the PA profession is relatively new (not as many specialities for PAs as the US, and salary is lower). I’m nervous about future burn out and unfavourable working hours - any advice?


Morgan Stanley I'm considering an opportunity in compliance at MS. Wondering if anyone has pointers on comp/bonus/benefits to expect at VP level in New York. Are compliance eligible for stock comp?


Could someone help me understand the salary range for a senior manager at PWC please?


It's been coming for years and I can't believe it! After 5 years of waiting tables and hosting for a restaurant, today I was offered a raise and a promotion to be a manager! Old manager quit and apparently he advised them to promote me due to my hard work. Just wanted to share my excitement with you guys!


Is it true that Accenture allows work from any of the 8 office location ?


Dear Sharks

Has anyone got Bonus payment, Usually 30% bonus split into 7.5% will paid on the last month of each quarter right
Like March, June, September, December

I have joined August month
I have not got any variable pay bonus
Is my understanding correct
Pls guide

I grew up poor, now most middle class salary looks amazing to me that I feel guilty asking/looking for more $ because I feel what I am making is more than I deserve but I haven't had proper raise in 5 years. Not counting 2% annual adjustment as raise.


Hii Sharks,
I'm a year old in this corporate world and I'm working in a non tech field.
I heard the rumours that growth is not a function of time in this field. You wont be paid much as compared to the techies.

Should i switch to tech and start learning coding?

Please help...

Can someone give me a little snapshot of SM, Sales Capture Role @Accenture?


How long do you typically stay in a role before getting promoted? (ie., as a jr, mid-level, & senior.) Getting nervous about being stuck in one position for too long after jumping around agencies making lateral moves.


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Thoughtworks Hiring!!! ( Click to see more below 👇🏽)

Use Below Form to send your resume for referral.


for more information, look at the attached image.

Link is broken ? No worries, you can find my email ID in the below image. Send you updated resumes with the area of preferences.

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Just got engaged! Looking to do a destination wedding so we can keep the budget low but still get a full service planner. Any recommendations on getting started? We’re thinking Mexico or the Dominican

Hi Fishes,
Can someone help me out here..
Does Infosys gives relocation reimbursement/relocation bonus for Experienced hires if the current location is different from the joining location?

Can someone please help me calculate in hand Salary?
Also, suggest some tax saving techniques.
Yoe : 3

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Is Bain Capability Network a part of front end consulting?

For the older 🐠 out there. Have any of you successfully re-dated an ex and end up getting married? Haven't talked to an ex in 2 years and really hit it off.

Is there any way to get a Singapore (+65) SIM card and phone number outside of SG?

Hi All,

Mindbody (US- based Product Company) is hiring for below position in Pune Location.

All Flexible option available to work from Anywhere. (WFH/WFO/Hybrid)

If anyone need a referral then DM me. Kindly confirm your full name and position you are interested in..

Thank you.

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Hi Fishes,
What is the hiring procedure in delta airlines for senior Software Engineer?

Can I get 15 likes so I can DM please!!??


Got an opportunity for salesforce developer role in KGS , can anyone help me how is the practice there and what type of projects (support/development ) , any certification support & WLB ?

Hey! I’m applying for a job at Virgin Pulse, Inc. as a content strategist. I have a great background and plenty of relevant experience.

Looking for someone to help my resume get to the right eyes.

Puppy pic for attention (his name is Thor and he’ll be one next month). Thanks!

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I’m all for building people up, celebrating successes, and more positivity in this industry, but at the same time, i really wish there was a “mute award show posts” button on LinkedIn.


How many days recruiter take to release letter after documents..

I have gotten an offer from Optum noida as Senior QA...can anyone tell how is the company environment?..in terms of work life balance,appraisal and other perks which they offer..Thankyou in advance..


What conferences are you all attending this fall/winter?


EY experienced staff in valuation salary? Just want to see what the range looks like.


Spoke with a recruiter about a role in Deloitte M&A Analytics, want to get a better sense of exit opportunities from a role like that. Trying to decide if the juice is worth the squeeze with hours reqs being the way they are. Anyone move on from there to something they like?


Which companies do you think are the best for SAP consultants in terms of learning and pay?

I think Deloitte, they pay good for sap people in consulting group and most of their engagements are implementation and that gives more learning scope.

Post what do you think.


Additional Posts in Salary slab IT industry(India)

can anyone help me with standard package for Customer success manager/ key account manager salary. I have 2 years of experience. Need to know what can I expect for this role.


Hi all,
I am team lead (developer with .Net Backend skills) with 13 YOE.
Current CTC is approx. 36LPA.
Need ideas or help from members to see if
1. I am underpaid for my skills and
2. What skills should I add to increase my earning potential?



Hi All
My friend got an offer of 25LPA with remote work for a US company(Selerant) by consultant in india. His current CTC is 16LPA. And having 22 LPA offer in hand.
Does anyone have any opinions about the company and offer they are providing. Please suggest


Hello fishers,

Can anyone let me know what will be in-hand salary for 25 lakh package with 15% variable in Infosys


Can someone provide detailing around how the FnFs are processed in batches if there are multiple resignations or layoffs in a company?

Hi fishes,
How much should i ask for to
YOE- 4.2
Current CTC- 16 LPA
Notice Period- 90 Days
Tech stack- Angular, Node, JS (Frontend Majorly)

This will be my first offer.


Average salary for it support job with 4 yrs experience

Hi fishes,

I have Java, Springboot, Microservices experience of 4.5 years. What should be the pay scale I can expect ?

Current package is 10.5 LPA.

Thank you in advance.


How much CTC can I demand from Tata Consultancy ? For Java Spring Boot backend developer, location Kolkata, Relevant YoE 4.6, Total YoE 5.8. CCTC 7.1


Hi Fishes , i am currently working in Manhattan Associates, Bangaluru with 1.10 YOE in .net with js in the front end. This is my first company and I am looking for switch right now. What salary can I expect with my experience and tech stack. My current CTC is 6.9 LPA. Please also advice if this is correct time for switch for career growth.


Hello techies,
Hope you are doing well.
Have a query regarding the range of decent salary in Dublin. Considering accommodation in and around dublin city centre. I have 6YOE in same profile.
Appreciate your time and facts around this.


YOE 10 YEARS .Current CTC : 21 LPA .How much should I be for ?


How tax can be saved...


please pour some suggestions tq..


Impact of new wage code on us???


I Got Offer from Abzooba as a Tester.

can anyboday tell Current salary and working culture in Abzooba.

I have 4.5 years of testing. Manual testing.@abzoobz


Any one recently joined wells Fargo as a QA?
How is the work?


Got an offer from Beoing, how is it as a company.
What are the other perks and annual cycle.


How much salary can we expect as a cloud security architect with 9 years of experience.