Hi - How do you find out who is a top criminal defense healthcare attorney in your state?

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Ask an attorney you know that practices federal criminal law and they’ll know. There usually aren’t a ton - depending on the state.


I really don’t know anyone in federal criminal law, but yeah have found a few - trying to determine who is best to go with.

How long does a criminal case take to settle usually ?

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Apple pay’s it’s INTERNS more than what a third-party recruiter would pay you..


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Hi fellow creatives! I’m looking for any and all kinds of creative people to participate in a research study!


I’m a creativity researcher working on my dissertation on the psychology & neuroscience of creativity. I’m interested in understanding how different types of creative careers, side hustles, and artistic outlets relate to our emotions, mental health, & well-being. Ultimately to help build awareness, resources, & improve the lives of creative people.

Please visit www.creativitystudy.com for more info!

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Hiring for a VC based in Bangalore for early stage investing, candidates who meet the following criteria, please connect at nikitayadav@michaelpage.co.in

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- Candidate should be from VC ecosystem or investment banking background (experience in tech space preferred)
- Candidate should have excellent educational pedigree

Note: Due to high volume of applications, regret to mention I will be able to reach out to only relevant candidates


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Who’s getting a Yuga labs otherside land?

Yin and yang

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I have been into support projects for 7+ years in two different IT and Finance companies. Now I want to switch to SAP or any new technology/tool. Please advise on where should I be looking at now to enhance my career and technical skills. FYI I am not keen to learn coding and DevOps. I have been in database background since beginning


Hello TCsers! It's been a year since I joined and currently I'm working for a hectic project 🥲. My mental health is not stable, depressed day by day due to the pressure. I've asked my manager multiple times regarding release and spoken to the HR as well.

Everytime I get 1 answer I.e. you'll have to complete "atleast 1 year" in this project. I had joined the project in March 21. Any suggestions? Please help me out.


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This may sound petty but I really wish people would understand that physical therapy is an actual doctoral science and not on the same level as massage therapy or whatever else. Just heard a friend say their personal trainer is also a physical therapist and it pissed me off! I didn't go through 7 years of school so people would think I was on the same level as a spa attendant basically. AITA?


Hi sharks need your help... it is very important please help if possible

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Just broke up with bf of 11 months. First serious relationship. How long until this terrible feeling ends?


I created this group because: there are both black and white people afraid to say what they really think. I see this as a problem because unless we can say what we truly feel we can’t identify differences and come to genuine solutions.

Suggested Format is we will deal with 1 question or topic per week. The question will be from participants. I will try to simply be a host, moderator and translator. We will lay out some ground rules to make it safe for all. I will enforce these.


Happy childfree weekend. This weekend I jumped on a plane and flew to Miami for some spontaneous ☀️👙 🍻 with a guy I met here on Fishbowl (singles bowl). I had to get someone to look after my🐴 but that was easy to organize. It was great to be back on a plane but with vaccine in my body. What are y’all doing this weekend?


Additional Posts in Criminal Defense Attorneys

Looking for referrals to great criminal defense attorneys in Lee County Florida. Please comment or message me. Thx

Has anyone successfully moved their practice to a new state? I would like to get out of Texas but criminal defense is so jurisdiction specific, even at the federal level, that I’m worried I would have a hard time building up a practice with no connections.


Does anyone have NY legal aid criminal.defense training materials??

I said what I said.

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I'm seriously tired of all the injustice done by cops. I've now caught several in blatant lies... On video or on record.

Maybe this is a mild vent but it gets really hard to defend cases where constitutional violations are just being overlooked especially in an area that favors cops! Ugh🥺


I’m a new associate working for a well-known defense attorney in my state. On one hand, I’m thankful for the opportunity to learn from one of the best, but he also excoriates and belittles me for my mistakes. Any advice on how much it tolerable? I am here to learn and advance my career but he can be pretty nasty. (My mistakes are no worse than you’d expect a 1st year associate to make, in case you’re all wondering if I’m a major screw-up who deserves it) I leave work feeling a foot tall.

Crim Def Atty in Southern Arizona.


Why aren’t there “large” criminal defense firms as there are with other types of law?


I’m currently in civil litigation but I’ve always loved the criminal defense law world. Does it make sense to go to a PD office to get trial experience to get my foot back in the criminal door?

About to file a writ of habeas corpus for client where I.C.E. detainer is not executed and bond was paid. Will judge revoke bond if he hears about I.C.E. detainer. I’m guessing he will after I file this. Thoughts?

Welcome to the Criminal Defense Attorneys Bowl. We hope you will ask question, share your stories about things happening in your practices, current events, cutting edge cases, and practice tips.

What is the best way to transition from insurance defense to criminal defense? I’ve been working in ID for about a year and have never been more bored in my life. I want to be challenged and do interesting work, but I’m not sure how to get started with no experience. Currently living in Chicago.

What're people using for practice management platforms these days? I'm using Clio.

Client gets distracted driving ticket. Pros adds no ops charge but it’s not on the ticket. Issue or not? He hasn’t received a new ticket.

Looking for referral of great criminal defense attorney in NYC. Friend got into a dispute with girlfriend. She ended up called the police. Please DM me. Thanks!

Any advice for becoming a public defender in Southern California

Judge-shopping is frowned upon in most jurisdictions, if not actually prohibited in the local Bar rules or in legislation. So, how do you handle providing your client with necessary advice when you walk into court and see that Judge Hardass is presiding? A colleague of mine is currently facing a Bar discipline panel over warning off his client. What should you do in that situation?

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