How to get onto my first actual strategy project? Experienced hire, consultant level in US. Been on a pmo outside of OP for 10 months…about to roll off

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Anyone with experience working around a non-compete? I’m getting close to offer stage and concerned how that might play out. Current terms are 1-year, statewide for similar role and client targets... which means virtually everything in the industry is technically off the table.


Does KPMG use gmail for their mail client?? LOL


I am curious as to how people respond to the “what are your career goals and interests”. I’m not sure how to articulate what those are and would love advise. The one thing I know is that I want to steer away from project management/admin stuff and do more technical/hands on work. I have a background in environmental science and do QC checks and database management (I find it uninteresting). I feel like I am stagnant in my skills and not learning anymore, and want more science heavy stuff.


Can someone please tell me about the type of work in SC pay project for Java Developer?

Upcoming salary hike is based on Project budget, client budget or it is based upon Accenture budget..Who will be responsible for the salary hike?
Could you guys please help on this?Accenture


Hello. I was recently interviewed for a project manager position in a tech firm specialising in education softwares. Interview with thr HR went well and I was told I will be scheduled for an interview with the engineering team. I'm not quite sure what kind of questions to expect from engineering team. Any idea what kind I should prepare for?


Job opportunity

Hiring into a Manager role at a F500 headquartered in Atlanta. Role will have 1-2 direct reports and is on team responsible for analysis of strategic initiatives, M&A, etc.

Looking for someone with ~2-5 years tier 1 or 2 strategy consulting experience. DD project experience an advantage.

Base ~140K, TC~195K. Lots of opportunity for promotion (with major TC increases), and long term career potential. Excellent work life balance. No travel. 3 days remote. DM if interested.


My base location in EY India is Pune and client is going to be DELL . Dell has 3 offices in Pune, from which client location I'll have to work , can anyone in this group tell? EY EY India


My male colleagues ask everyone on the team EXCEPT me to help with high profile c-suite presentations that is within ALL of our job titles and descriptions. Why? How do I handle this sexism? I’m 3 months new but the client is asking for a pretty basic demo of our tool that I can easily cover.


Considering i am non critical resource and recently joined in the project

What are the chances that Wipro could release me early?
Normally do Wipro release employee early, or they are strict in releasing employee in 90 days?


Who has a better overall compensation, brand, client base, culture, and colleagues… PWC, EY, KPMG, Accenture? In M&A technology. Pre and Post Day 1. Integration or Divestiture. Advisory/ Execution. Looking to make a shift…


Hi Fishes,

Its been around 1.5 year in current organization.
I was working on good development project and now that is wind up.

I have been moved to new project a week back..this project uses legacy tech stack,which i really don't want to work on..I am in onboarding phase of new work is assigned yet.

If i resigned now,what can i expect .?
Will they release me immediately or will they ask me to serve entire notice period.

Please suggest.


What salary range should I seek for associate project manager? I have 2 years of transferable skills as a media planner. The job I'm applying for has a large salary range and I'd like to get an idea. Even if I don't get the job, what salary should I list on other applications? Current salary is $70K

In my second busy season of PA (2 years ago), auditing a specialty finance company that we all quickly came to realize stunk to high hell. We ended up issuing an adverse opinion over a disagreement with the client to book an approx. 100MM write down adjustment to deferred revenue. We walked away with the thought that we had just scratched the surface of their corruption. Fast forward 2 years and low and behold they’re under a 1.2B dollar investigation by the SEC and their CEO is in prison.


Looking to get into consulting.. ChemE engineer with 2.5 YoE in large Pharma. I have experience in Quality Management System, Process engineering, project implementation and root cause analysis. I would love any recommendations/ referrals.


My project client location in Denver started in person mandatory days. Few of colleagues started to go there. I’m confused as I was hired as PDM and I live in east coast and project is in west coast. My leadership is not forcing me anything and they left it to us but I don’t want to lose job because I’m not traveling. Any suggestions?


Hi Guys, I have an offer from HCL with Siemens as their client. My tech stack is Java Spring boot microservices yoe :2.9 How good are the projects in Siemens. What is the learning curve Any feedback will be appreciated. Thank you HCL Technologies


Hey Nagarro fishes,
Anyone who is on bench in nagarro, please tell us your bench period, tech stack and position ?


Hi Buddies ,

Any opening for Scrum Master/Agile Project manager roles

Please refer mine

Hardly looking for Job Change

Having PSM- 1,PSK - 1 certification and 8.6 YOE

Working Credit Risk Management Role across Portfolio 

Current Company : TCS


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Which books would you recommend to a product counel for tech startup about strategy, management, and leadership?


Hi everyone, I need your advice! I recently declined a return offer from an internship but then found a role that I'm more interested in at the same company. How should I navigate this?


Hi Guys,

Got offer from oracle.

Tech stack java

Current yoe 5.4 yrs
Current ctc 8.2 lpa

Oracle offer:
AGP - 16.7 lpa

Basic 7.5 lpa
Flexi benefit plan 9.2 lpa
Epf 90k
Gratuity 36k

Ctc around 18 lpa

Is it good offer or can I negotiate?

Kindly suggest.

By the way what's meant by flexi benefit plan?

Thanks in advance.


Hi guys,

Can anybody suggest if I want to invest in voluntary PF and i have two options i.e EPF and PPF, then which one is best?? Based on liquidity, returns, etc,


For anyone stuck traveling today

Post Photo

Does anyone want to be my M&A coach? Will pay.


I have been waiting for a month for offer from pwc ac... everytime i call they first said mapping is pending they are saying we are uploading in workday. Any one here can u plsase help me underatand how many days still before i get the actual offer

So I am being offered the training a cert for AWS practitioner, architect and developer for free. I have no experience in AWS or work in it. However, free high-demand skill sounds amazing. Is it worth


Any recommendations on cool restaurants in Amsterdam? Any not typical cool things to do while there would also be appreciated. Thanks.


What are your thoughts on Dalvin Cook?


Hello. I was recently interviewed for a project manager position in a tech firm specialising in education softwares. Interview with thr HR went well and I was told I will be scheduled for an interview with the engineering team. I'm not quite sure what kind of questions to expect from engineering team. Any idea what kind I should prepare for?


I got an offer for $21/hour and a 10k sign on bonus as a CST in Charlotte, NC with 2.5 years of experience. I am trying to negotiate for more because my application was for a Night Shift and now they’re saying that they do not have that shift open for anyone because it’s a new hospital (opened in 02/22) and offered me 4 10’s day shift instead. Should they not be able to adjust the pay, is this still a competitive pay? Should I take it regardless? Or don’t take no for an answer and move on?


Any one who has rejoin Infosys after leaving for some months or year's. Really appreciate if you can share the experience and how did you try to get in? Like hr called you or by some sources


Recommendations for rental brokers? Been looking at StreetEasy and Craigslist with no luck so interested in exploring using a broker to find a decent apt.


Is it taboo to ask about salary or maternity leave before an offer? If not, how soon is it acceptable?


Do you guys pay your SA? If so what do you give them? Also if you want to share what do you typically bonus them for the holidays? Want to see if I’m in line with others. Thanks!


Hey guys,

Anyone is there who is have onboarding at
Legato Health Technologies on 1st of June?..

Please let me know if someone there I need to ask a question


Does anybody have recommendations for cross border moving companies? Looking to move from US to Canada.

Hi all. I'm going to join deloitte India in a month. However, I'm getting opportunities from other MNCs too. Personally and professionally, I want to join Deloitte only but if I get an offer from other MNCs like TCS, LTI, etc. Can I go back to deloitte HR and request for a negotiation to match the 2nd offer. Will they consider? Since already an official offer letter has been generated and digitally approved by me for Deloitte. YOE: 3.8 Techstack: PowerBI Offered designation: Consultant.


Additional Posts in Monitor Deloitte

Monitor Deloitte Welcome all MD’ers! Monitor Deloitte Deloitte


Tells us where you are from!


Hello all,

Would anyone mind sharing what are the expectations for a take home case study? How do you prepare your slides, any format you could share?

Is there an internal transfer process? I'm new to the firm, in consulting but in another OP.

Anyone at Monitor Deloitte, feel free to join the newly created MD bowl!
Monitor Deloitte / Deloitte


Monitor folks! How many hours / week do you work? I’ll go first: 40-50 on avg



What should I expect in a post-interview recruiter video call? Scheduled for 8 days after the final partner interview.

Email said next steps but no verbal offer yet.

Appreciate your help.

Had 1st rd interviews a week ago. Followed up with recruiter and no response. Does that mean they are moving on? I did well in my cases and behavioural.

Any Monitor Deloitte people in here based out of Southeast Asia? What is the avg. salary raise (base + performance bonus) should I expect from 1st year Consultant to 2nd year C? Current performance scatterplot is at highest top right, utilization rate 90%. Thanks!

Currently going through interviews for Analyst / consultant, based in UAE/KSA. Anyone have any ideas on salary ranges?

What is it like working at Monitor Deloitte with the Strategic Growth Transformation team (under S&A)? I have 4 YOE from a Big 4 and got an offer for Senior C in NY.
1- What is the culture like: How are the people? Hours? Are you happy working there?
2- Is there actual strategy work or is it mostly transformation, with the word "strategy" being slapped to every single project? How long are the projects? Are most project sponsors actually at the Csuite level?
3- Is Monitor thriving or dying?


Heya, What is it like working at MD and how does it differ from D?

++ Any observation on culture, people and future prospects will be hugely appreciated


Hi MD legends,
Has anyone internally trf to Monitor from another Dtt offering? I was referred to the team by the Manager in Monitor, as I want to work there instead of Data&AI.

Would you prepare for strat type/case interview questions, or do you think it may different given it’s internal?

Thanks for your input :)

What’s your view on the rest of Deloitte calling us names?

What is the brand perception of Monitor in APAC vs EYP and S&?

Asking because I've seen a lot of MD slander by US folks but was wondering if the brand has been equally diluted in the APAC region.

Is there any different in terms of work, prestige and pay?

Would appreciate if any Singapore employees could chime in!


Hey there fellow MDers -

Job market is on fire. What are some of the cooler exits you’re seeing your colleagues take?

Is anybody a fan of S&A new name nickname: The Ampersand. Won’t that create confusion with Strategy& (part of PwC).


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