Looking for cheap running shorts with a zip pocket for credit card - any recommendations?

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Old navy!!

I have a zippered running belt that I can wear over pants, shorts, whatever. While I love bottoms with zippered pockets, they’re hard to come by so this approach worked for me (try flipbelt or the Nike running belts). Lululemon has zippered running shorts but they tend to be expensive and are not as movable as other running shorts

Rei .


New balance

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Why amex has a 3 weeks long background verification process?
Some1 who is joining laterally has to wait for 3 weeks and staying unemployed till then.


Rue got popped! Don’t mind the bubble wrap this baby has to travel 😍😍😍

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Anyone need / want an Amex? If I refer u this month, you’ll get 12,000 free Avios points!


What are the companies that are willing to sponsor visa? Would appreciate any referral too


What the general experience or opinion on commuting vs hotel? Miles/time?


In your opinion, which Covid wave was the hardest to manage? For us, it was omicron. Things really went down the drain back then, we almost lost our business.


Does anyone know a good health coach? I’m looking for someone with medical degree or nurse to help me to look critically at my habits and health.
Also, I’m looking for someone who knows about women’s health in their 40s.


Anyone in a non-client facing role can shed some light on the type of compensation to expect? Asking for someone with 10 years experience in tech. Currently on Client facing travel projects.


It is my wish to travel during the Durga Puja week starting from 30 September till 5th October.
I am looking for people who want to travel during this time frame. The destination will be within India and the place can be discussed among peoples' consensus. Let know in comments of interested.


Hi fishes,

Need your opinion.

Working for
Wipro as azure data engineer in Spark, Hive, Azure ADF, ADB etc.

Current CTC: 17.5 LPA

Total YOE: 11 years

Relevant exp in big data: 6 yrs

Relevant exp in Azure: 2+ yrs

Got offer from Atos of 26.4 LPA. Is this a good offer? or Shall I search other job at 30+ LPA?

Getting calls from some product companies like JPMorgan Chase Chubb. How much can I expect from these product companies?

Wipro Infosys Tata Consultancy IBM Capgemini Cognizant Accenture India


Anyone recently traveled or is planning to travel to India? Please share your experience/plan including airline details

Have any Indians gotten visa stamping done in Canada or Mexico? How long did it take?


Need help, looking to go see my first race, out in Hungary, between the two spots circled on this track, which would you advise I get tickets for? Also, do you know of better ways to get F1 tickets other than the website (not sure if Chase or Amex gets you better benefits at F1 races)? Thanks

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I have been approached with an opportunity at JP Morgan Chase for their private client advisor role. The book is about 30M all in. I am currently an experienced hybrid asset manager wholesaler and have experience in advising as well. Curious about the opportunity with JPM and if it’s worth it. I currently make about 160k and if JPM would give me a high draw for the first 3 years to build, and if it’s feasible to sustain that 160+ there.


Hey fishes,

I've joined Amex in September, so just wanted to know whether I'll be eligible for appraisal, or should I confirm it with my director?
And if eligible, how much appraisal will I get ?


Is there any I can get employed in European or US company and work Remotely? Else move there when the pandemic is over?

Currently I have no Visa in hand.


I have an offer and want to negotiate

1. London base salary but I have to absorb all the expenses (train + stay)
I am thinking to negotiate to

2. home base salary and have my expenses paid for

I know that's depends on the amount I have to travel (and potentially stay) but at the moment this is unknown. Past 8 months was just twice a month + 2 nights stay.

The only thing I know is it won't be every week, the return trian ticket is about £80-100, depends I could plan ahead.

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I am looking for Job referrals for social impact organizations and international development sector . Looking to Provide research, advisory and consulting expertise

I am an international development professional and consultant passionate about increasing access to quality public health globally. I have extensive experience in research, project management and consulting in the Southern Africa non-profit sector with expertise in SHRH, Gender Policy and Violence Against Women.

What is the best Chicago NYE party? Are the hotel ballroom parties worth it?

What was your most recent success in advancing equity in education?

Trying to unlock dms, offering up cute pic of my cat in exchange

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How do you explain what SAP is in simple terms to someone who doesn’t know anything about it?


Where can we find the band information for IBM employees. Also can we guess the band from designation displayed in company directory?


What’s going on at Edelman? They hired a bunch of talented people the last little while, but haven’t seen them to do much recently. Not a lot of movement in this year’s shows. What’s the deal?


Hi everyone, I'm comparing two offers from Accenture and Cognizant. Could you help me figure out some of these questions: 1. At 5 YOE, what kind of package can I expect? Current offers: Accenture (12LPA fixed, 2.5L variable), Cognizant (14.3LPA fixed, 45K variable) 2. Nature of work - What kind of work can I expect from these companies? 3. would I get the opp to use any authoring Tools? 4. Work life balance - which is better? 5. Increments - avg % hike? 6. Culture - which is better?


What do you wish design students would learn in school to ease the transition into needs of business? I have seen an increasing need for more education/inclusion/overlap into other areas of business that depend on design teams so they understand what goes into the process. As well as design teams into the other business teams. This would alleviate tensions and improve quality product delivery due to the major miscommunications that occur so frequently.


Can someone list benefits / positives for working at A&M aside for the pay. Need to have good reasons for my conversation with HR


I've got some friends who work remote jobs, and every day I grow more jealous of them during my one-hour commute.


I feel you, bag. I feel you.

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Any matrimonial attorney whose firm provides pro Bono service? Got a friend, who is a house wife and 3 kids in NY, received her husband filed a divorce paper. She has no money while her husband works at Goldman Sacks. Anyone who can refer any attorney? Thanks


Can someone clarify on the sick leave policy in ACN UK.

1. Is there an annual limit?
2. Can I charge one-two days leave on illness code?
3. Do they really put you in review for 5+ sick days in rolling 12 months?


How much of your health insurance does your agency pay for?


Been on a crazy streak of highly boring projects. How do you keep yourself inspired when the work has no life?


I wrote 3 radio scripts today.
That is all.


Is it rude to say in an email “As discussed per our morning daily status the job is being routed with so and so.” She asked twice in an email after the fact what the status was and it was already told to her prior that they were completed and we were waiting on approval from the owner.


Help me Unlock DMs with 11 likes!


So I just finished studying everything Eric Kallman has done, what other great advertisers should I study?


Additional Posts in Running For Fun!

Hey fish - for longer runs outdoors, what do you do about carrying water? Outdoor fountains aren’t really an option right now. 😂😭 Do you prefer to just hold a water bottle? One of those belt things? Female here if it makes any difference.

Who else is doing the SeaWheeze Virtual Half Marathon? Ideal event for consultants 😁

Favorite track workouts / intervals?

Question: How do you get your heart rate down?
Perspective: I am 24 and run 25 miles a week. My average heart rate is usually 175 but gets up to 200 (worrisome). My heart rate recovery is 55-75 after three minutes. I just don’t understand why my heart rate gets so high if I’m healthy. Am I breathing wrong?


Any of you 🐠 running Berlin this weekend??

I’ve started running after quite a while/ and gained significant weight meanwhile. Doing 2 miles in ~27 mins. How can I improve here on - trying to get back to 5k in less than 30 mins?

Have been running for the last few years and consistently get “dead feet” feeling after 3-4 miles. Feet go somewhat numb and I stop and stretch to relive the pain. Have tried a few different types of shoes (on cloud / altra / Nike) to no avail. Even tried the loosening of my shoes. Any advice? I’m in good shape and can cycle for 40-60 miles at a time so endurance isn’t the issue, it’s my feet. Please let me know if anyone has any suggestions!!!


IT band pain? Best stretches and ways to deal?

Knee pain immediately after running in the cold that subsides after you warm up. Anyone else have this problem? Solutions?

At what mile count should you be replacing shoes? What shoes are you using, and why do you like them? I currently have the Hoka CarbonX


Best shoes for flat feet?


Favorite races across the US? (All distances welcome!)

Anyone marathon training or planning to this year? Need some solidarity, ha.

Toronto Waterfront 2019 for me.


How do you guys keep a 25+ mileage per week while traveling and working 60h weeks?


Who’s got their BQs done for 2021?!


I live in a rainy area but love lightweight shoes. Any advice for waterproof running shoes that are lightweight?


Hey guys - I have a slight pronation and got recommended should that adjust the gait so my feet are level. Have been picking up running again during lockdown and now my knees hurt


Looking for good half marathons to run in San Jose. New to the area. All the upcoming races are either hill or trail runs. Are there any road races for a flatter option?

Help. I’m training for a marathon and I’ve found that during longer runs (both inside and outside) I’m experiencing a ton of mucus / drainage in my throat that I don’t experience day to day....