I'm trying to choose between IBM Corporate Strategy and Innosight. I like both opportunities. Innosight pays more, but I've never had a big brand like IBM on my resume. Additionally, I'm worried whether Innosight's exit opportunities are slimmer than IBM. Would anyone have some advice on what I should pick / how I should think about this?

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I appreciate your perspective, EY-Parthenon 1, but I respectfully disagree. I think both opportunities are great, and I'm grateful for them.


How much is IBM pay?

IBM seems a little bottom tier for a Yale MBA

Do you take the market condition into consideration when you gave such suggestion?

Both are good offers. May I know which one OP chose?

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I am looking for a a talent aquisition role, I have no official degree but I have experience. Looking to relocate to USA. I can work anywhere legally due to my dual citizenship French USA passport. I speak French English and Spanish fluently.


How much hike can Virtusa provide for 90 days notice period

I have cleared all rounds and shared the documents, HR is saying for 90 Days NP and no offer in hand we can provide maximum of 30% hike as per company policy. (If I bring another offer than they’ll revise it and also add joining bonus)

Also variable component is 9% as per company policy (which is too much )
And I’ve seen other offers of Virtusa having 5% variable

Please suggest how to proceed with this situation.

Thanks in advance
Capgemini Accenture Deloitte Tata Consultancy Newco


Hi everyone! I hope you are all safe and well. I am reaching out here as I am getting desperate and feel defeated . Our company had lay offs due to internal restructuring and I was part of it . I have over 13 years of sales experience ranging from B2B to B2C and I am located in Toronto, Canada. My experience ranges from India, USA and Canada. I am looking for an Account Executive or a Customer Success role. Thank you for all your help in advance.
#sales #customersuccess #lookingforwork


Does anyone know the average “Senior Strategist” salary in advertising, “Associate Strategy Director” or “Strategy Director” salary in NYC? Thanks!


an SMs here? what is the top end of SM salary?


What are some good feeder companies to HBS asides MBB, Goldman Sachs, Big 4 and FAANG?


Hi Fishes ,

Can anyone advise if they have interview with @s&P @ihs markit . I have an interview for SME profile (dev ops) .

Seeking advise on what grounds shall i prepare .


Amazon hi guys, what is the expected salary for a TPM II (BDM) L5 in AWS? Is $150k base low?

When does pwc ac payout bonuses and any expectations on this year's bonus?


What's your most inspiring career or salary jump?

Drop it below 👇


Hello! Does anyone know of any openings for diversity and inclusion drivers/promoters in India? I joined as an HR analyst at Accenture as a fresh graduate 3 months ago but this is not really the role I was looking for. I have quite a lot of experience in diversity and inclusion related themes. Any leads/suggestions/advice would be appreciated!


I'm interviewing at Noom for a technical data analyst position. The role's function (According to the job description) serves as a link between data engineers and data scientists.

Next week, the recruiter has arranged a one-hour coding round and a one-hour SQL round.

Please share advice on how to prepare. Thanks in advance!


I feel like public accounting isn’t my calling, but I’m good at it and could probably make partner one day. How does one decide if they should explore other companies/roles and potentially find happiness/alignment in the role or just send it and stay in public accounting? I struggle because on paper industry doesn’t interest me since I’m a people person and not really a number cruncher.


Is a procurement position a dead end job?

Made EP. But I want to be an executive, SVP or managing director. My current FT role offers tuition reimbursement. Wondering if I should make them pay for an MBA. How many agency heads have one?


How much does Wellsfargo offer for a candidate with 7 YOE for a financial consultant position?


Hey Fishes,

I am holding two offers one from LTI and another from JPMC. Which one should I go with, LTI is offering 5% more salary then JPMC... Confused which one will help me for future.


Things to know before you join Majesco. Think before you join Majesco, they have attractive Comp & benefits but once you are Majesco's employee you cannot work with other Big4 organizations like Deloitte. This is Illegal but Majesco goes out to these Organizations and requests them to not to hire our employees. Now Deloitte came up with such clauses in their Hiring policies. Even if they do not share same client Majesco does these practices.


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Thoughts on taking Procurement Director role in one of the largest healthcare (hospital) chain?

Will probably give 15% pay hike. Confused on long term career impact and if this can be the....



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Can transfer from Kroll to Big 4?


Anyone sent their H1b renewal package (visa appointment waiver) in Canada? I am worndering how long Calgary consulate will take to retun my passport?


Fishbowl poll: Should I sell 10% of my $TSLA holdings? Poll ends by 4.45 PM ET today


Any Data Engineers looking for a referral at ThoughtWorks?


If you’re looking for laughs because our job is nuts in this market, you might like my recruiting Instagram @recruitingwithkylie mostly laughs, some tips. ✌️


Chase freedom flex or citi custom cash? I don't travel much (yet). I already get 3% on dining/groceries.

CFF is $200 bonus with 5% back on rotating categories capped at $1500 spend/quarter, 5% back Chase travel, 3% back dining/pharmacy

CCC is $300 bonus with 5% back on top eligible category capped at $500 spend/month


TCS or Capgemini, which is better in terms of job security?
Presently working with TCS and got an offer with almost 80% hike from Capgemini. Should I join?


Can someone please confirm if the variable pay is always 25% of base pay in LTI? I have been told so by LTI HR during my salary discussion and have been offered accordingly (for P5 grade).

Hi Folks,

I got shortlisted for Common Wealth Bank of Australia.

YOE: 3.10 years
Skills: QA - Manual + Automation (Selenium / Java)
Current Salary: 5.88 LPA
NP: 90 days

Can anyone help me on how much I can ask or compensate for the salary?

Note: No counter offer as of now.



What made you choose to be a CTE Educator? How did you transition from industry?

Remember when bitcoin was close to 20k and etc was over 1000...


Hi Friends, Am having 15 yoe in Product Testing
Skills : ETL , Telecom Billing Products , Analytics
Worked in Various domains such as Retail, Telecom,BFSI. Would be of great help if you can refer me. Please DM me as am not able to message as options are not coming up.


Hi Guys,

I joined CGI in Jan 2022.
5.5 Years Exp - 18+ LPA.
How much hike can I expect in this appraisal cycle?
Project performance is pretty good and also I am expecting "EE" rating.

Nifty reaching ATH but portfolio still at low 🥲

I’m in audit (newly promoted s1) trying to transfer to FDD as a s1 @ Deloitte. Anyone have any advice? I spoke to resource and they said they would get back to me… I got an offer from a MM FDD but I’d rather stay at the Deloitte. Should I tell Deloitte I have an offer and want to stay or should I gamble put my two weeks in and hope they speed up a transfer? I’m not trying to do another year in audit


How to find opportunities in UAE? I am a Salesforce professional.


Hello, I have been offered B3 role with 37Lpa for a Greenfield project where I've to implement Salesforce DevOps (bitbucket pipeline for deployment)

What is the chances of getting hikes with this salary if I wish to continue for long in

How about promotion to C1? What kinda exams/interview, I'll have to go through for promotion??

What if my current project will get over?
One of my friends is telling that Wipro is the safest place to be in the current scenario.


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Best windows laptop for b school? Looking for something reliable and fast but won’t break the bank


Many in my MBA program are hyper grade focused. Do grades matter that much post MBA for future job opps at all? My approach has been to balance academics with relationship building and practicing exec presence and for me, pivoting to a new industry


Incoming MBA here - am attending the Toigo Catapult virtual conference over the next few days and want to understand what to expect in the video interview component for finalists from anyone who is a current Toigo fellow

I have recently joined EY SaT group as senior consultant recently in Netherlands. I’m tripple masters in MS economics, MBA and MS business analytics. Have 4 YOE in different industries but no M&A experience specifically. Any ideas what company should be offering me? I’ll be working as expert on commercial due diligence, FDD and valuation teams and doing automation alongside. is it wise to demand higher salary or promotion soon after I have proven that I can work and do it better than most?EY


I am studying for MBA and need 3 books. They are very expensive to buy, so I am wondering if any of you have access to a soft copy that you can share.
> Management Research: Applying the Principles by Susan Rose, Nigel Spinks
> Research Methods for Business and Management by Kevin O'Gorman, Robert MacIntosh
> Theory and Practice of Leadership by Roger Gill


What is an online MBA program you would recommend?


Wishing everybody luck on their upcoming exams and finals! 🤞 Remember to take care of yourself during this time!


I just graduated with my MS in Health Information Management. Any jobs in NYC in this particular field (first time in this field)? Provide links. 🫶🏼

Also what is the starting salary? It would be my first time in this field. 😺

• Bachelors degree in Radiologic Sciences (x-ray tech)
• Master of Science in Health Information Management


I am a recent grad(Finance), and my MBA school is not a named institute like Stanford. I would want to work for a consulting co. who is heavily involved in Finance. Can you help me create a roadmap from where should I start? What are top finance business consulting companies and how to get there? My undergrad was in science.


Incoming MBA, I have my tuition paid for and rent covered (I will be an RA). So the only thing I need to pay for is food and entertainment. Do you think 20k is enough to last me through the 2 years? I will make a little money interning in the summer, so that would be a safety valve if I blow through the 20k.

Or… should I take a small loan?

Boutique or big 4?

I'm currently an ops manager at a big 4 in London and received an offer from a small boutique firm with 25-30% pay rise.

I'm also in the process with Accenture but I feel like I'm not sure if I'd jump just for the money but also change in environment.
What type of things would you be asking yourself if you were in my shoes and debating to jump ship?


What's your one regret from your time in the MBA program?


Has anyone gone through BDO associate interview case study step ? I have my case study scheduled end of week and I am wondering if anyone has gone through it and advice how shall I prepare. The role is in capital advisory


If you could start your MBA degree over what would you do differently?


Is anyone part of Toigo? How helpful is/was it in your career search?


I'm about to start my part-time MBA. Already feel like dropping out...


I would appreciate your perspective.
I am currently working on my MBA in a professional evening and weekend program at a highly accredited university. I am thinking about transferring to a much smaller private online program, specifically because they offer a concentration in organizational health, which directly builds on my doctoral research. Does great depth and specialization outweigh the value of a highly respected generalist degree?


MBA admit here and have to put down a deposit soon, having serious cold feet right now due to the covid situation and potentially having to start virtually. Would love any perspective on how it's been particularly socially and what your schools' outlook on the fall is