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Seeking new position in Admissions/Business development in Behavioral Health/SUD. Either remote or SoCal.


Unfortunately last Friday was my last day at Dell 9/16 due to the company wide layoffs. I have over 2 years of experience in commercial sales. I’m open to account manager and accounts executive roles in the Saas realm.


Pharma/health vs general marketing - which do you prefer? More stability? Better for PM?


I was recently laid off and I am actively search for a new role. I am mainly targeting Business Analyst, ScrumMaster, Product Analyst, roles but I am open to others.

Must be located in Austin, Texas or fully remote.

5 Mo- Business Analyst 3
1.5 Y- Venture Capital Associate
1.5 Y- Strategic Planning Analyst

Specialist Accounting and Finance
Specialist Business Intelligence



What’s a good way to find out what’s hot in insurance (PnC)? I cut my teeth in PnC but have been in health for a decade. Contemplating a jump.


I have a diagnosed mental health condition that I’m very hesitant about disclosing because I’m concerned about blow back. It means that there are days when I struggle to get out of bed (I still manage somehow). Office socials are a nightmare that trigger PTSD, hence I make some excuse and avoid. Today someone senior in the firm made a comment which made it obvious that none of this is going unnoticed. I feel really low and don’t know what’s the best way forward. Help!


Has anyone used AICPA’s insurance program and what are pros and cons? Thanks for any info!

likehelpful think EY forensics is going to see layoffs in July?


Have a friend who was recently laid off. 3 YOE in underwriting (homeowners insurance). Has a bachelors in economics from a top 5 public university. We’re not sure what else he could break into. He wants to get out of that industry entirely. Could anyone provide any insight into potential opportunities he’d be qualified for, outside of insurance. Namely finance or consulting. Thanks in advance.

I quit my previous job approximately 5-6 months ago due to toxic culture and being pressured to commit fraud… I fear hiring managers see that I’ve been out of work for this time and may assume I was fired or laid off. Additionally I’ve had a couple interviews where company “X” interviewers have commented on this and in an effort to not bad mouth my previous employer I’m stuck with a generic answer like I want to take my career to the next level with Company “X.” Any thoughts/advice?


Hi Fishes .. I have an offer from Delta Airlines for a Product Owner role
. Can anyone help me with the below questions

1) Hows the work life balance?
2) Company Culture? ( Agressive .. Hierarchial .. Too political)
3) Job security in the current economic climate
4) Any rumors of Layoffs?

Thanks in advance!!


Can anyone share the Scotiabank employee benefits? How is the family insurance deductable? How is the yoy hikes and bonus? Can you take accumulate and take PTO's ? @scotiabank


Hey! I was recently laid off from my job at startup and looking for new opportunities.

I am a marketer with 4 years of experience and I live in Argentina, so I'm looking for remote positions. Highly appreciate any help 🙌


Hello! I am an LPN looking for a new job! I have been in home health and pediatrics/family med and post operative care for orthopedics! I was looking to leave bedside, wondering if there’s anything remote for an LPN!


Anyone want to share…What insurance companies would you recommend working for and what positions are available?


What’s the difference between being fired and furloughed?


Does anyone have any insight into the Layoffs from a SCNO perspective? (Numbers, duration, etc.)


Any government or gov contracting positions in the public health space anyone can recommend? Any direct hire positions if gov? Looking to make $115-125k.


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In IBM Chennai, they are asking me to work from office thrice a week.Does everyone following that?how is the office atmosphere and culture?


Volkswagen - 20 LPA CTC
Bosch - 20 LPA CTC

YOE - 5

Volkswagen has S4HANA project and Bosch has ECC project. I am thinking of Volkswagen.

Need your suggestions.

Any copywriters at Spotify’s in-house in Sweden? What do you guys work on? Product copy? Ads? Partnerships? curious to see what in-house agencies do at different brands!


Do I need to disclose my non-compete contract if this company is clearly not a competitor and HR did not ask during the interview?


Would you rather live in Chicago or Dallas, assuming no COL problems?

Hello all,

I am in bench for last 2 months. Can someone please help if any criteria that any duration for bench or will wipro exit the resource forcefully..?

Is there such thing as “easy” work related to nursing? The documentation part of nursing kills my motivation to work. More time is being spent on charting than actual patient care because regs require too much.


Any Travel Technologist out there? What agency do you work for? Is it worth leaving my staffing job?

I end most of my days in tears and feel like an absolute failure.

Hi Fishes,
I have 8+ years of industry experience and working at good MNC as of now
Got an offer from
Google .
Current salary :
Base : 26 LPA
Bonus : 3 LPA
Stocks: 5 LPA

Final offer from Google after slight negotiations:

Base: 57 LPA
Bonus: 8.55 LPA (15% of Base)
Stocks: 1,01,000 $ for 4 years
Joining bonus: 10 Lacs

I feel its good and going to accept. Please let me know if I overlooked something else Note: getting L5 level in Google based on experience and interviews.


Hello everyone,
I’ve joined Amazon couple of weeks back as a Business Research Analyst 1 (L4)
I haven’t received any clear communication regarding wfo or wfh. Is there an option to wfh permanently for L4?, I’ve heard it’s mandatory for L5 or above to be on hybrid mode.


Hello, I need some likes for to enable my DM. If you scroll through this, please drop a like! Appreciate it, thank you! 😊


What agency works on Dave and busters?


Tcs ibegin page is not accesible. It's saying page not found. And they have also postponed my DOJ from Dec to Jan.


I have two offers currently.

1. Microsoft. - base pay 18.3 LPA + 20 % variable component + 2L shares, role. - Test Consultant

2 Walmart - base pay 23 LPA + 4.4 LPA annual bonus _ 3 L shares role: SDET - Software Engineer 3

Total YOE: 6.5
Which one should I pick? Any suggesstions

#Microsoft #Walmart


Have an original short film project and searching for a Marketing/PR partner that lives in the space where film, fashion and pop culture happily collide, handling all aspects of promotion including film marketing/distribution, product placement and experiential. Thanks!


Hi Guys,

How we can connect with HR in Cognizant. I having issue during filling the BGV document.

Hi fishes,Anyone want to get referred in accenture for below skills? Ping me for further queries

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Please recommend a good family beach vacation destination in FL for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, will mainly spend time at the beach with kids (toddlers). Thinking Clearwater or St Pete Beach. Thoughts?


Additional Posts in In-House Creatives

Looking for advice navigating my move in-house. I’ve just gotten hard “no’s” on my hardware requests and have found myself owning a bunch of responsibilities that were not part of what I agreed on.


Went from agency to in-house. Does anyone feel like they sold their creative soul for a little more stability?


Thoughts on FrontGate?

Looking for a global video transcreation company to take existing videos in English and translate, re-edit and add any other necessary tweaks. Any of you fine folks have any recommendations? Peace to you all

I’m a Creative Director (copy-based) ready to move in-house, to a consultancy, or tech platform. What job titles should I be searching for? Are there recruiters for non-agency creatives? Help!


Please share your experience if you have experience working in an Agile marketing structure! Stand ups, scrums and two week sprints to create, test, learn and iterate. Are all advertising/ marketing companies headed this way eventually?

Any agencies or in-house companies hiring senior resource or talent managers? Asking for a friend who is looking. Thanks!

How do you do the move from agency to brand? I want to move brand side, but I’m not sure what roles to apply for, and everything that looks good to me, I get insta-rejected for. Any pointers?


Got terrible feedback from COO after CD & I built a system into a project. We only asked for proofreading and the COO tells us his suggestions are easy but they break the entire system. Any advice?

Are in-house gigs the future? I see more companies pulling creative in and doing good work.


How long (honestly) will it be before agencies start hiring again? I’m looking to get off this ride.


Some companies just aren’t built to have in-house creative teams. I know because I landed at one.


I’m a producer - interested in working for a brand and getting out of the agency world. Any advice how to find those opportunities and make myself marketable? I’m in a secondary market.


Hey what’s people’s experience with performance advertising for brands? Do you come up with multiple ideas for reaching out to new customers?

Interested in in-house agencies. Seeking to connect w people who have experience to get their perspective. Anyone willing to connect or know of someone who might? Pls DM if don't want broadcast. Tks!


Any in-house agencies hiring Junior creatives?

Is anyone looking for freelance help?

Looking for examples of In House Agency names. Ex. Yellow Shoes / Disney. Searching Google was not my friend on this one. Thanks all. Peace


Who does the CD / ECD at your in house team report to?

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