Hey, ZSers
I joined the company (India) as a DAA - Intern in Feb'22 and started full time in August'22.

In future, I want to transfer to Europe or US and I know it's early for me to plan. Any suggestions or advise is highly appreciated !

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It is going to take some time. However, in the end you should have a good impression on the leadership both onshore and offshore. Good performance as well. For US transfer, it also depends on your project, so try to be in a project which has some onshore opportunities (this is too early though). When the time comes, you should discuss with your leadership and get your application filed for H1b.


Sapne Suhane ladakpan ke!


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How is the internship program at Crowe? I just applied to multiple internships at Crowe and it looks like an amazing company to work for.

What's the best strategy for getting relevant Investment Banking/Capital Markets related internships (specifically in the fall)? I would even do some freelance research for no pay I just need experience in something other than FP&A (which is partly my role in my internship this summer). I would love to start in investment banking/PE but I'm afraid that graduating in three years makes getting relevant intern experience incredibly tough in such a short time frame. Any advice?


Started for FREE at a small PE shop in Toronto Feb 2020 as associate intern (Post MBA). Now, I'm stuck here as no jobs are available. Just filling up my resume. Will this be worth it ? Have MBA + CFA


Am I being fairly compensated?

I’m 25 (male) with collectively 4 years of accounting experience. I have a masters in data analytics and am working in manufacturing. I am also working towards a CPA. I make 67k base with possible year un bonuses. (<3k)

I have worked at two companies so far (one for 3 years as an intern then staff and the other for a little over a year as a staff). The first company was very small they took me seriously and I thrived. I left that company for the (see thread)


Two years at PwC out of undergrad and looking for new job. Not sure if I should be including internship experience on resume anymore. Some jobs it's more relevant than others. Advice please!


Hi dear ones,
Kindly let me know if there are any job openings with good salary package, in data science field for someone with 1 YoE as an intern. If anyone could refer, it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance 😊


College engineering internship experience for MBA program or nah?


Hello everyone!
What would you choose between P&G, pwC and a small consulting firm for a data science internship. The three positions are based in Paris and in data science, I have to take a decision this week and I'm completely lost :/
I don't have any clear idea about what I would like to do after (sometimes I think about a phd but others I prefer consulting...)
Thank you so much for your help

Hey fishes,

I am looking for an associate data analyst/scientist/business analyst role.

I am a fresher with six months of internship experience working with visualisation tools like Power BI, Qlik, R, SAS and python.

I am looking for an opportunity to start my career.
It would be really helpful if any one can refer or give any leads all help is appreciated.


Anyone working within AML or compliance? I am finishing my internship soon within OLG as an AML specialist and looking for any tips for where to go from here.

Looking to get a permanent position with AML using my experience or any other pathway

I spent all of my career in finTech & finServ as an implementation engineer. I think that I have been an above average performer throughout my career. Here's the short version of salary history:

Job0 - yr0 - intern - $18/hr
Job1 - Yr1 - $52k base + 10% bonus
Job2 - Yr5 - $100k base + bonus, upto 100%
Job3 - Yr6 - $120k base + bonus, upto 30%
Job4 - Yr8 - $140k base + $100k equity
Job5 - Yr13 - $180k base + bonus, upto 30%
Job6 - Yr18 - $197k base + 27% bonus + stock option

Your thoughts?


My friends daughter has two internship offers at RSM and Grant Thornton. Does anybody know if all well performing interns receive an offer at these firms or if they only provide job offers to a certain percentage? Thanks in advance!

Some student told me he brushed his teeth.

So what did I do?

I gave him a job.

Because that’s what heroes deserve.

Sure, it was an unpaid internship that lasted a week, but hey - now I’m a hero, too.

When I fired that intern (since all he did was brush all day), I told him that Colgate max white is pretty good.

And he left with tears.
Tears of joy (I think).



Hi all.
Is there anyone who would like to refer me as an assistant management accountant at their company? I am pursuing a CMA qualification, currently completing a higher degree in Management Accounting, and an intern. I am in South Africa, and would like to relocate. Please and thanks.


Is anybody (BB,EB) still hiring FT analysts out of undergrad for 2022. For context, I’m currently a 6 month intern at a reputable MM shop in a tech group with strong deal flow. I’m currently on two live deals and have done 3 pitches so decent experience. I also have 6 months experience working in equity research at a BB firm. The group i’m in is a sweatshop with regular 4 am nights and am looking for a way out before I get trapped.


Any companies still hiring MBA interns this summer? My friend at Booth had a summer consulting internship that just got cancelled and is looking for other places to apply ASAP.


Can anyone help me with Referal?

I'm a Fresher with internship experience of 1.8 years.
I'm good at Brand and social media strategy.

Skills - Social media marketing, Brand Strategy, Atl and BTL, Advertising (online & offline), Ms Excel, Ms power point, Canva, Photoshop, Market Research, Analytics.

I'm a graduate in Journalism and Mass communication for GGSIPU

Any EPS out there looking for an assistant or an intern? I have experience but making a switch from creative. Have no problem starting at the bottom just need a shot.


Fresh graduate, 3.84 GPA, B.A. in Economics with two minors. No internship experience, and worked at a cafe for 3 years as a manager. Did some self initiated financial projects with the company in Excel, and I’m currently working at a branch bank. I want to get out ASAP, and would appreciate any help for me to get my foot into consulting. I’m talking tier 3 obviously. Is there any chance at all before the next recruitment cycle comes?


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what month does your firm pay your bonus?


Hi Guys, Anyone onboarded virtually in HSBC in the month of Jan 2022. Please share the process and your experience.
HSBC India

I am about to loose United Gold Status, can I match this status quickly on another airline? Which one would you suggest?


Best of luck.

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Any open positions in the area of Risk Management?? I m Working in Risk Advisory for 1.5+ yrs... looking out for operational risk Management jobs within Financial Services or FNCG domain.. If not Operational, I m Currently persuing FRM to switch in model, credit, market risk...


I have a linen blazer from theory that despite my diligent steaming looks wrinkled within 5 minutes of putting it on. Do I need to just accept that this is how linen looks? Or is my blazer defective 😭


How soon after changing jobs would you update your LinkedIn?


Have 4 years of experience in Automation testing
How much max can i expect from Morgan Stanley.
First offer hr discussion .


I'm obsessed over Going Under which is hilarious for a work focused app like this. Anyone tried it yet?


Hey! Can anyone from PwC advise on SA/Manager salaries in FS Finance Consulting?


Best trading bot and why...go


Is there a good book to teach kids, teens and even college students about personal finance or should i write one?!

How to refer someone at PwC SDC using Workday?


Hi guys,

Recently I got an offer with 10 LPA from one startup company and initiated my RESIGNATION from current company,but im little depressed that Im not getting that much calls having only one offer on my hand and my last working day is 70 days..so can we get more calls atleast in jan and feb months and how much we can ask in the next company..suggestions please guys itll be helpful,Thanks in advance

Deloitte Infosys Amazon Tata Consultancy Accenture Cognizant IBM


If I'm doing the platinum challenge and have succeeded before the end date, do I immediately get platinum or do I have to wait?


Have 2 phone interview coming up at Alvarez and Marshal (Healthcare Industry Group). Any fishes know best way to prepare, will there be case questions?

Thank you


Just curious, is anyone applying with a low GPA (less than 3) to B school? If so, what did you do to mitigate that low GPA? Considering applying but want to know if it's even a realistic chance. 700+ GMAT if that helps

Any US citizen found a job in Russia?


Know someone earlier in their HR career that’s looking to get certified. It’s been a while since I originally took the exams and have just recertified since. Which is more valuable or preferred these days…PHR or SHRM-CP?


Anyone from Ericsson, who can refer ?


Additional Posts in ZS Global

Hi, I need 11 likes for dm


Does ZS London office has Data Science work, roles like DSA, DSAC etc. ?

I have noticed most DS work/vacancy are in USA or İndia.


Is it true that all transfers to US have been put on HOLD?


RMP dropped a mail about mandatory vaccination. No reference to hybrid model. Is this the new normal at ZS INDIA?


Hi , Can anyone explain about level 4 in A& E and the kind of responsibilities , future growth?


How much will I get monthly in-hand if the offer letter says $160k?
Phily office - C

Thanks for your responses.


I have my unstructured case study round in ZS for a data science consultant role. Could anyone give few insights what to expect in the interview?


Hi currently working with zs.

Offer from fractal for data engineer
Offer from Nagarro for zs cleint on revo software project.

Which should I choose, any suggestions?


What is the expected salary hike for one getting promoted from A to AC or AC to Consultant in ZS India for December promotions?


How to apply for onshore roles in ZS. not sure if transfers are being approved as of now. Pls suggest.


Is it worth to join Nagarro for zs cleint on project using REVO software?


Any chance of market correction in London this June owing to all time high inflation and high difference in salaries b/w US and London.


I passed the final interview at ZS Associates for software engineering lead in the US. What compensation should I ask for?


Hello Fishes.

I am having 2 years experience in SAP MM, SAP MII and Supply Chain Management with a popular certification. I am understanding what kind of opportunities I can get in ZS India. Can anyone be kind enough to throw a light?


Hi Fishes,

I need your genuine suggestions in finalising which company to join.
I have 2 offers :
ZS Associates - 15l fixed
Thoughtworks - 18l fixed

Role - Senior Consultant in Test
Experience: 5 yoe
Please consider job security and learning opportunities as parameters while suggesting.
Thanks in advance!!


1. What are the hierarchy leveles in ZS Associates (software development). ZS folks , kindly help me on the same. I am having 4 years of experience, what hierarchy band can i expect?

2. How much percentage is variable component in ZS? I come from ACN which has 21% vp component.
Is vp paid fully?

3. Also, how is wlb in zs, Haven't heard quite good abt zs wlb..

ZS Associates


Any openings for the role of Associate Consultant? I currently have an experience of ~2 years in Healthcare Consultancy. Please let me know if there are any openings and if you'd be able to refer me.


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