I graduated law school in 2016, did a state clerkship, and immediately after I started working as a hearing officer. I’m looking to move to federal work and started applying. Is it unreasonable to think a GS-13 is a possible starting salary?

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If you can spin prior experience as relevant, not unreasonable. Also depends on agency; more “desirable” ones will lowball.


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I have 7 years experience
I have got two offers.. Both wfh
1.Capita x lpa amount
2. ideas2it (tamilnadu based company) with x+2lpa +1 lakh jb
Which to choose. Please suggest.


I had an initial interview on Wednesday. About an hour later, I got a call from an internal recruiter from the same company wanting to follow up and see how the interview went. I didn’t see the voicemail until the following morning when I was at work and called her back that afternoon when I was out of work. I still haven’t heard from her. Is this normal? Should I not try calling back again? I’ve been at my job for several years, so I am unfamiliar with how I should handle a situation like this.


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I am having offers from

EY India
Altimetrik Corp.

The offer from EY India is very less and my joining is on 16th. I do not think negotiation will work at this point. Synechron & Altimetrik is offering far better pay than EY India. The difference is Close to 5L. Can anybody through some light here. I have a YOE of 4Y and tech stack- Java/MS/ React. EY is offering 10.5 fixed.

PS: For some reason, my heart is still says EY i don't know why :(

EY IndiaAltimetrik Corp.Synechron


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I have one week to get good at behavioral interviews, STAR format etc. Any helpful tips on how I can do this? Thanks 🙏🏼

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Can someone please list down the roles I could be feasible for based on the below profile:

1.5 Yoe in banking as IT project manager

Thanks in adv 🤗


Meds definitely make me kind of dyslexic. What the hell? How? Why? Anyone else had this? I never had spelling issues or misreading/mistyping similar words. Need some consolation peeps!


How much would a Toyota Corolla 2020 LE with around 30K miles sell for in 2023?

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“Wait how much snow?”
“9-11 inches.”
“Oh so like your typical Saturday night."


HSBC Global Private Banking and Wealth is hiring.
Mail your CVs to

You will get a link and you can update your details and apply for the specific role.

HSBC JPMorgan Chase Wells Fargo Deloitte PwC

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Accenture is recruiting across most roles, levels and NA geos - DM me if interested.


Hey Denver 🐠!


Tax related question: wife and I file jointly. My income is $215k base, hers is $130k base. Not expecting large bonuses. On my withholdings, I never had additional withheld; nor did my wife. The IRS withholding calculator estimates we will owe an additional $18K in tax. Is the calculator accurate? No other capital gains or taxes to consider. Thank you!


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Hi, can anyone please please refer me for roles in data science/machine learning profile? I have 2+ YOE. Immediate Joiner.

Thanks in advance


Do you think it is time to find another job when your PIC is a micro manager, never trained you when you got hired, expects you to know things no one ever told you about in the first place, texts and calls you in the morning with questions you don’t have an answer to (I work evening shift so I’m mostly sleep when he reaches out), assumes the worst about everything, plots against you anyway, lies all the time, they don’t even do their job, they leave their trash behind etc. gives me anxiety.


I’m heavily considering and would love to transition from HR to Employment Law (employer side), however, that would require law school and I’m already in debt from getting my masters in HR. I’d like to get some insight on this though. Has anyone here ever made this type of transition or know of anyone who has? Was it worth it? Any regrets? Does it seem silly for me to do this having a masters without knowing if I’ll truly like it or not?

Thanks guys!


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Has anyone taken a federal appropriations law class and is willing to share course materials or outline? Anything that’s not the full text of the red book 😄

generally speaking, do government agencies actually demand more from you if you’re in a higher vs. a lower salary tier/division e.g., I vs. II, II vs. III, III vs. IV, etc.? Perhaps there’s a difference between maybe I and III but is there a significant difference in responsibilities and performance expectations between II and III, or III and IV for example?

Wondering if anyone has any insight into making the switch from biglaw lit to a federal agency job (not DOJ). Looking for something that would be research / writing heavy. I’m checking USAJobs for openings but is there anywhere I can figure out a day in the life of an attorney at various agencies?


Any opinions about whether local government civil lit defense positions are recession-proof?


Is it viable to change from litigation to transactional in a major metropolitan city? Looking to pivot into transactional from civil litigation but have an outstanding offer for a litigation position. If you’ve done it, do you have suggestions ??


Looking to apply for a court attorney (self help) position. Any idea on time line for applications being evaluated, interviews, decision, etc.?


Advice on giving notice to leave for private? I feel a lot of guilt both about leaving the agency and government, generally.

Anyone else have elected officials who think "the Rona" is an Obama and Clinton hoax?


Does your job offer a pension? Care to share? I’m wondering if ours is competitive and also wondering whether to stay or leave for greener pastures?
Population: around 35K; 5 years to vest; retirement age 65; pension calc based on average of last 5 years’ salary times years in service times multiplier; multiplier is 1.25%. TIA!


Looking for a fully remote government job that I can work from Mexico.

Im a government (municipal) attorney now. In it for the PSLF. Got 5 years to go but im ready to move to mexico now. My husband is in Mexico and im tired of being away from him. Need a government job I can work from Mexico so I can get PSLF. It absolutely doesn't have to be law. Im tired af but I'll learn something new if I need to.


I have couple years of insurance defense experience, mostly product and premise liability work, and am transitioning to the NYC law department.

With some trial experience through that position, could I translate that to a private practice down the line?

Any advice would be appreciated!

Hey guys, how long out do you/can you apply for federal jobs, i.e. DOJ, AUSA, SEC etc.? I will be getting out of the military next Summer but unsure how far in advance to apply. Thanks!


Government agency attorney (child welfare) with 20 years of litigation experience. With that said, I am looking to relocate to the DMV and practice in a non-litigation role. Any tips re: where to start?


I am a 3rd year insurance defense attorney with product and premise liability experience. Due to long-COVID, I am likely to lose my job.

The plan is to find a government position that would involve more substantive litigation and trial work, then leverage that into the private sector a few years down the line.

Any advice would be appreciated regarding networking, where to start, etc. Thank you.

I am currently working for a city and have been with my current position for about a year. Work-life balance and colleagues are great. I came from private practice prior to my current position. There’s a strong demand for laterals now; and I am thinking about going back to private practice because current salary is substantially lower (about 40% lower) than what I can get in private practice. Has anyone here thought about going back to private practice for the salary boost? 

For all of those of you who decided to work for the public sector for public loan forgiveness, at least in part, was it/has it been worth it?


Anyone get public service loan forgiveness? The stats of only 1% qualifying is always wild to me. I know people have made blatant errors (not make sure their jobs qualify, not consolidating their loans, etc) but still....


I plan on applying for a chief deputy clerk of court federal position. Would like to chat with someone about resume/interview expectations. This is my first time applying at the federal level.


How are my fellow gov lawyers doing with $$$ right now? Anyone have financial strategies or tips to providing for a family on a non private sector salary? I want to stay at my CA DOJ job as long as I can but also want to have kids. Live in LA


Anyone apply to SDNY/EDNY in the last 6 months? Just wondering if there's any movement on their part.