GYM 🦈 please suggest diet chart for fat loss (vegetarian) & (office going)

1. How can I build 6 pack abs on vegetarian diet and I'm not interested to take creatine or any cutting steroids. How much time will it take.

2. How much weight should I lift and how to improve weights in gym for weight training.

6 feet height
80kg weight
22% body fat
4 months gym

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I m 100+ kg... But gyaan I have use fittr app

OK sir thank you

I am very similar to you.
6 months gym.
I always had a skinny frame so I am currently on a lean bulk(started with 82kg) and now look much better coz of arms and chest mainly but am faaaar away from abs.
So basically, if your only purpose is to get abs then the answer is calorie deficit. Doesn’t matter how much you lift or what you eat.
But My assumption is that you want a good lean body. For that it depends on how much muscle your body currently has. Keep in mind that when you cut, you will inevitable loose some muscle throughout. So look yourself in the mirror and then tell me, are you happy with your current frame in terms of size?would you be ok to loose a bit of your frame size after cutting?

Also, it doesn’t matter how much you lift. What you should be focussing on is that is your strength increasing or not. If it is, then keep going. If not then check your nutrition and try to gradually increase how much you lift.

Yup working on that bro, cheers 🏋️

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