I’m going to start doing read alouds on Zoom for the students. Any recommendations for upper elemetary? Maybe something uplifting to help battle the anxiety they might be feeling?

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If you plan to create your own video read-alouds to use with lessons, please first check the publisher and then reference this list to make sure that publisher has granted permission

It’s probably not a big risk, but just wanted to warn you 😁

I did live zoom read aloud with my kids. I wish I had chosen something easier, but we read Call of the Wild. Then we watched the movie together on zoom after the last day of school. It wasn't mandatory, but we all still wanted to have contact. If we end up streaming this year, I am going to pick something much more light-hearted.

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How do you avoid physical deterioration during busy season? I enjoy being active, but I don’t have the time and energy to go to the gym when I’m gone ~13 hrs a day for work, sleep 8-9 hrs, and hopefully spend more than 30 minutes with my spouse. I don’t think it’s healthy to be so sedentary, but I’m not sure where the time and energy can come from.


Does anyone go to a clinic several hours from their home? I did IVF in early 2020 that resulted in a successful fresh transfer. I have 7 embryos frozen at my fertility clinic, but we moved about 6 hours away. We are starting to talk about being ready to move forward with FET, but I don’t know if I should try to find a clinic to move the embryos to me or plan to travel so we don’t have to move the embryos.


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It's so difficult (maybe impossible) to get any useful physical exam info from a telehealth visit


What supplements (vitamins, herbs, etc) do you take with your coffee/tea?

Any suggestions for a primary care physician on the UES? 🙏


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My spouse and I met at a rave 7 years ago. At the time we were dabbling in various recreational drugs (acid, mushrooms, weed, k, molly, alcohol etc), but over the years we've slowly cut back drug use.

I've always been v connected to the rave scene, and before I ever tried drugs I would attend events sober. These days, w my career and where I'm at in life, I'm back to going sober.

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My mental health seems to be much better when I don’t have any dating apps on me. Strange tho. But I feel so much peaceful. 😌


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My other half (currently a Sr. Mgr in the data analytics consulting industry in UK) wants to work in Singapore - is there some sort of parents' visa so that his parents can tag along to stay in SG for the long term? Worried about them as he is the only child. His parents have the money to buy a condo if it helps with their long term stay situation.


Hi folks,

I am looking for ReactJS developer role/ frontend developer role in MNCs(Amdocs Cognizant Capgemini IBM Deloitte Adobe etc)
Total experience 2.8 years
Relevant Experience 2.3 years
LWD 5 August
If vacancy available kindly refer me

CLOUD Immediate Hiring in LTI-Larsen and Toubro Infotech.

Experienced who can join between 0-60 Days are Preferred!!

DM your EmailID along with Job Code to Apply.

#Urgent #Cloud #Hiring #Opportunity

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Will walmart labs Bangalore negotiate on the basis of other offers in hand or they do not consider the other offers. Thanks.

Based of socal. How’s everyone’s staffing in the surrounding areas and what’s your management doing to ease staffing? How’s your retention rates and what are you guys doing to keep the staff nurses happy and retain them?


Got an invitation for online assessment test for UX designer position in Amazon. Has anyone taken this? How is the work simulation part? Any tip or resource to help?


I have an interview for a technical writer position in the chemistry field. Coming from a lab based chemistry role I'm use to getting technical questions about my lab experience. With this role I'm interviewing for being office based, I'm not sure what questions they may ask. What interview questions can I expect for a technical writing position?


Hey everyone, I am a year into FDD. I really like my group, enjoy the work for the most part and have good WLB. I have an offer from a strong MM IB firm as experienced analyst. I am a little torn just because I am a bit wary of the hours. Would like to hear peoples thoughts, comments, suggestions, advice etc on whether I should go for it or not.


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I’ve been looking to get back into remote CSR work, have experience in SAAS


Sprained my ankle last night. Worried about the next few weeks. What do they look like? Will I need to keep my feet elevated for a month and avoid sitting or standing for long periods? How was your recovery?


Got a job offer for Wells Fargo, anyone knows what the Quarterly Bonus for a personal banker looks like?

Hi all,

I have 10 years of experience with 12L of package, I have takes 2 times ML and 1 year of LOP.
Is my package ok?

is a weekend MBA at Northwestern or Chicago Booth worth it? Does it provide the same value/opportunity that the full time does?


Credit Suisse guys, please tell us if layoffs have been started in CS? The Bank is in Critical Stage and about to fall as per the news and mail from CEO has sparked this discussion. I have joining in November and I am eager to join. Should I join CS at this time?

YOE- 8+

Role- AVP


Additional Posts in Upper Elementary Teachers

How’s your team dynamic? Is it cohesive or do you have members who don’t seem to love what they do?


What would the “perfect” library program look like for your upper elementary students? Does your school have a library teacher or a library tech? What are their responsibilities?

Does anyone else use standards-based report cards? Do you like them? We aren’t too excited about the change.

How do you do reading groups? I shift mine around so much because I can seem to find a way that I feel is effective and practical!


I’m looking for opinions on reading logs for 5th grade. This is my first year in 5th and they’ve always done them in the past but I’m not a fan. Thoughts?

I want to teach myself how to make fun, engaging worksheets this summer. What should I use? PowerPoint? And how do I learn all the tips & tricks?


Does anyone have suggestions for correcting Math papers with students?

Does any one use Wit and Wisdom reading? I am looking for PowerPoints, Slides, Reaources, etc ...4th grade

When do you start thinking about back to school things? I love summer but when you start seeing back to school sales, it’s a buzz kill 😂.


Do any of you use Accelerated Reader? Thoughts?

How are classes built at your school? Do teachers build the classes, or does admin place all of the students?

Why do you think kids don't care about grades/scores anymore? I realize that life is more than a grade or score, but when it comes to school and academics, that's the reality.


I want to read Esperanza Rising to 5th grade mayb 4th. I might use the theme Equality not sure, but do you have resources, lessons, idea, etc? We do not service a large population of immigrants, but thought our kids could use a lesson about another perspective.

How tough are you on your kids pertaining to their responsibilities? My principal thinks I don’t give some kids enough chances to complete missing work/redo poorly attempted assignments .

I am a second year 4th grade teacher looking for advice on how to keep track of grades/type of system you use. I honestly didnt do the best job keeping track of data last year, it is overwhelming!

How do you keep your students from constantly talking to each other? Especially with state testing going on and summer around the corner, the chit-chatting is next level!


Any input on how to best assist brand new immigrants in transitioning to the USA while also gaining academically? Our school has a steady stream of newcomer students and I want to grow in how I help.

Any tips for how to make tutoring enjoyable for a rising 6th trader? We will be working on math this summer, but just going through the workbook seems really boring.

What types of behavior management do you use in fifth grade? What do you love/dislike?

What math curriculum does everyone use? My school currently does NOT have curriculum. We take and borrow from all different districts and states. A little frustrating!