Anyone delaying a car purchase due to Covid to see how everything pans out?

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Yes, currently have 7 months left on my lease and trying to get out early, but not in a rush. Been looking into used but also new cars if I can take advantage of 0% financing. You're going to get better new car deals at year end, but I'm afraid of missing out on the 0% interest.

You should check if you have positive equity. That way you can trade in and purchase a new car. Applicable only if you plan to purchase the same brand though.

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@Partners - How bad 2020 covid-19 down turn is going to get for consulting business?


The annual 401k limit is 57k (both personal contribution and employer match combined). Given that the personal contribution limit is only 19.5k, in what world are companies actually matching 37.5k a year? I've never even heard of this type of matching.


Kläder på jobbet.
Jag blev anställd under covid och har inte behövt köpa en enda kostym ännu. Skulle uppskatta lite råd kring detta ämne, märken, färg och sånt?
Typ marinblå eller grå Oscar Jacobsson / Tiger / Boss?
För Män alltså.


Incoming MBA, I have my tuition paid for and rent covered (I will be an RA). So the only thing I need to pay for is food and entertainment. Do you think 20k is enough to last me through the 2 years? I will make a little money interning in the summer, so that would be a safety valve if I blow through the 20k.

Or… should I take a small loan?

Does Microsoft use Vanguard for 401k or a different provider?


People worrying today should read books on trading psychology! Not being patronizing- it will help you in the future, not just for investments but for doing better in life!


I assume most in this bowl don’t escrow taxes, insurance, etc. Where do you park those funds until the payments are due? HYSA? Brokerage?


Maxed out Roth IRA contributions when I wasn't eligible for 2021 (got a salary bump mid year). Do I need to recharacterize? It's a very small account that's been open for only two years. That's the only IRA account I own. Do I need to open a traditional IRA and roll over 6k + realized gains into that account and keep the Roth IRA. So confused how this works and got conflicting information from Merrill.


I have 2 toddlers who are both in daycare & I am 7mos pregnant. Obviously, my toddlers aren’t vaccinated and neither are any of their friends at school. I am vaccinated, but have caught covid twice - the first time hospitalized me and was very very scary. I hosted my husbands anti-vax family for Christmas and caught it again then. My husband invited them to visit in the next few weeks after I said I was done hosting anti-vax ppl until after the baby comes. Is this the hill I should die on?


*** HRs or women who recently returned from ML(Kindly help urgent)***

Hello all,

I have rejoined firm post completion of ML on 26th October this year.

I have submitted LERF form online (did not go to office in person as I did not receive any such update).

Currently,my LERF is still pending and my ultimtix/teams/outlook access has been revoked.

I joined TCS during COVID and my ID card was never dispatched.

Could someone guide me on what to do now.


I have dropped mails and tried conn


Just accepted a job at Big 4. How restrictive is owning individual stocks? Is it even worth trying? Been debating just selling all individual stocks and just buying VTI/VOO.


What to select in Form 11 for the below question when moving from JP Morgan to Wells Fargo:

Whether earlier a member of employees pension scheme 1955?
a. Yes

Best book on personal finance?


I quit drinking at the first of the year because I was drinking too much as a way to cope with Covid. 99.9% of the time, I’m glad I quit drinking. And then there are those nights when I just want a glass of something to take the edge off, which makes me think alcohol was more of a coping mechanism than I thought and it’s probably a good thing I’m not drinking. I don’t even like wine very much, but I miss that low level buzz that makes everything a little less loud.


Thoughts on increasing apartment spend from 20% of take home to 30% of take home? I invest 15% in 401k and an extra 2k/month after that. Outside investing would likely reduce to 1500/month. I have been spoiled with low rent (currently have 2 roommates) but looking to move in with bf. 30F.


This has probably been asked many times in this bowl - what’s the best hotel rewards program? I have the Chase Sapphire Preferred card and I’m a Southwest RR member. I travel maybe 25-30% of the time

How would you budget 1600/month of disposable income after 401k, rent, savings? Currently 24 with no other debt obligations or expenses


Just realized I can’t contribute to a Roth since my income is too high (I think). TC ~190k and wife makes around 90k. I’ve only been contributing for a few months now at the advice from a CFP friend (he never asked me what I made). Should I go back to 401k contributions or is there a better option here? I expect my retirement income (via pension) to be higher than my HHI now.


I found a great great home near family perfect location to things, decent size, but is expensive. I don’t have $120k to just drop for the down payment (I want to have money left to furnish or just spend) my salary is under 6figs and even if it wasn’t I feel like it’s still not enough to rack up $60k within 1ish year. Does anyone have any side business or alternative income ideas to earn more money? I don’t wanna go an FHA loan for the 3.5% cause mortgage will be very high. Thoughts?


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What is the package range for the below skillset?
YoE: 7.4 years
Skillset: #SharePoint, #PowerApps, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agent



Hi Fishes,

I am evaluating below offers :

1.Accenture : X LPA
2.T- systems : X+5LPA
3.Atos : X+7LPA

All are fixed components,not adding any variable part.
YOE : 7.5 years
Tech stack : Java, spring boot

Looking for long term tenure,WLB
Please suggest


Does tcs give 70% hike if you're underpaid?



What would be the inhand salary of 37 LPA?
Assuming 6 lakh as employer + employee pf.
And 2.5 lakh as HRA
Other than that i do not have any other investment.
+ Medical and Gratuity is not part of CTC.

Please help


Do you know any professionals who like to "dip their toes" into many things and can't commit to what is expected of them?

If you cannot execute on producing good quality work, don't take on a new task/role. You will exhaust yourself, and your work effort will reflect badly on the stakeholders. They will also communicate to others accordingly.

IG: Burnoutcoachcarlo

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Anyone attended Zenius's technical interview? I am attending for backend developer role. Interview is of 90mins. Advice will be helpful.

Anyone have insights into Skadden banking/finance? Hours, culture, etc. Curious if there is any difference from the general M&A lore.


How good is KPMG India in M&A Post merger integration

Are there any awards given to top performers in Deloitte india?


If I tell people I'm a writer, they think all I want to do is entertain people. But if I tell them I'm a reporter, they usually look like I'm about to ambush them with questions. SMH. They're both the SAME THING, people



I just wanna say that my head feels better since I take lion's mane extract. I stopped zoning out, I have less narrations in my head simultaneously. I can actually do tasks on almost time. If someone wants to try, it's mandatory to take vitamin c with it. It's a life changer for me. I wanted to share it.


Can I just take the comptia sec + without doing the A+ and the network + exam ??


Well.. looks like super bowl is set... unless Rogers pulls of a miracle

What’s the process to get into the risk analysis/assurance industry? Recently graduated with a bachelors in math with a minor in econ. “Entry level” positions in my area all require yoe. What should I do/learn to look better to recruiters?


How easy it is to take leave without pay in Capgemini ? I have an exam coming up and would be taking some CLs and around 15-20 lwp. I have joined recently only and currently in a project which i don't like.

CG folks please suggest if you have any idea. TIA


How’s the job market these days? Cooled down a bit?


Anyone have any luck negotiating at meta? I’m missing my bonus and the signing bonus they offered was not close


My H1-B expires in April 2022. My spouse’s h4 (non ead) expires on April 1,2022 as well. The lawyers are filing my h1-b extension on premium processing next week. I was just informed that H4 visa extensions don’t have premium processing. Does any one have more details on what the timelines are for h4 (non ead) extensions? And what happens if she doesn’t get her h4 extended by April 1, 2022.


What are some good forms of cardio apart from treadmill?


Additional Posts in Everything Cars

Finalised my car sale at Carvana. Had indicated that my car is in a good condition with minor cosmetic defects. Today someone has scratched the back of my car with what looks like a Key scratch. Will the evaluator decrease the price or refuse the sale on inspection? Has anyone had an experience with selling with Carvana? Thanks!

Trying to decide between a new Mazda CX5 touring and CRV exl. Not able to make up my mind..any insights ?

How negotiable are used cars from places like Carmax Carguru Autotrader etc?


Tires question: considering Pirelli tires for my 2017 Nissan Maxima.
The P Zero all season plus specifically. Any other recommendations?
Doesn't snow where I live, fwiw.

Used: C7 vs M4 vs C63 vs RS5
Which car would you go with, why?


Looking for recommendations on the most I can spend on a car:
I make 70k/year, and have 30k saved up. No real expenses ( I live at home). Would a 30k car be too much?

Is it a good idea to put MSD down or any down payment when leasing in this current environment?

I am thinking of buying a used Maserati (3-4 years old, low mileage and if possible as good deal) and use it for 3 years, put 15 k miles on it and sell it off. The cars available are for $35-40k (Ghibli). Questions for the group
1- will I be able to sell it for 20-25k in 3 years?
2- how much should I budget for repair and maintenance and
3- is it worth it? If not, what car do you recommend?


BMW or Mercedes
Which is more impressive as a brand? Thinking of either the E class or 5 series.

Anyone else absolutely in love with the Corvette C8? What do you think the depreciation will be on them - wondering if it might be smart to wait a year or three and buy used.

Evaluating between BMW X1 2021 and Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti AWD. Tips and inputs welcome! Just need a weekend Suv. Ruled out CX5 due to performance and Mercedes GLA since its too small for a SUV.


How much would a Toyota Corolla 2020 LE with around 30K miles sell for in 2023?

Used Honda Pilot vs Highlander which one is better to buy? Appreciate any tips and recommendations on how/where to buy a used car.

Looking to buy a car December - SUV that has a decent resale value, and very reliable. Used or new 20k max if used and 25k if new. Thoughts? Thank you!! 🙏

Does it make sense to buy a 50,000 dollar car if your yearly package before tax is 120,000?
I have 100K in savings and want to buy in cash, to avoid monthly payments. Appreciate any mentorship or advice.

Lease a 2020/2021 car for 3y 10k miles vs buy a used car. What would be cheaper (in those 3 years) all in? (Including insurance,taxes,blah)

Need your help/advice! I was rear ended & gave my car to the body shop. The lift gate needs to be replaced. It's been 9 weeks and they have not yet received the part. They don't know when they'll get it in. Additionally, they mentioned that they ordered the part with my VIN & they received the wrong part. (How?) Now they're like we've called xyz vendors and none of them have the part. Is it just me, or are they lying? And their response to follow up is we will keep checking...continue..

Thoughts on Jeep Compass? Want something a bit more “fun” than a Rav4/Cr-v