Lease a 2020/2021 car for 3y 10k miles vs buy a used car. What would be cheaper (in those 3 years) all in? (Including insurance,taxes,blah)

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Buy a CPO Camry and sell it after 3 years. Cheaper.


Depends mainly on how good the lease deal is

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Unemployed right now (COVID-related) . Have about 20K in a Marcus account and 17K in my checking. Seems like now is a good time to put some money in the market. Is it dumb to gamble a little bit?


Need some financial advice.
Starting 401k now for first time currently 30 .
Not planning to go back to India unless US kicks me out.
Which I should invest in Traditional or Roth.
My company match upto 5k $ for $


Hi Guyss,
Can you please tell me
- in hand Salary
- how much will be tax deductions &
- how to save tax (in detail ,like how u r doing ) ?

Your help & suggestions will be welcomed from heart ❤.
Thanks alot 😇🙏

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First-gen and new hire in my first job. Vyvanse was typically covered under my parents’ insurance but now I’m looking to sign up for (my first) health insurance plan with my employer. I’m worried if Vyvanse will be fully covered or not. Anything I should look out for?


Anyone at united Health Group willing to give a referral ? I had few contacts and none of them are responsive. My background is more on the Payer side and this is for a program management opportunity.


Been together with my partner for a long time. The last few years have been tough, as we both have struggled with mental health and health issues. My partners to the point that they can’t work...


My spouse is looking searching for new opportunities and possible career shift.

- MBA in finance, BBA in finance and real estate
- 20+ years experience in equipment/lease finance (operations and business development)
- Inactive 7/66/63 licenses
- Inactive health/life/annuity licenses
- Ideally perm remote or Nashville, TN

Could pivot to consulting, teaching, something in capital markets? Open to something new, but has zero experience in FP&A, forecasting. Ideas or know of an opening?


Let it rip, creatives. What’s the word on McCann Health?


How do y’all get 800 credit score? I have like 783 which is already pretty good imo but I see people with 800s. How? LOL. I had 2 credit checks for mortgage shopping and closed a credit card all in the past year. I don’t think that affects it too much, no?


List of *Private* companies to checkout in the health space?


How do the economics of this city work?

I make ~150K & get 8K per month net.

Assuming I have 3K rent + 1K for (car + insurance) + 1K for (grocery + utilities + misc expenses), I’m left with 3K/month saving which is 36K/yr.

If I decide to buy a 1M house/townhouse/apartment, I’ll need to put down 200K deposit which will take ~5-6 years - IS THIS NORMAL?


Hello, fellow newbie here 😀
Was wondering if yall know of any remote sales jobs with a good starting base salary? I'm doing great at my current role selling senior health insurance (76k give or take a year) but I know I'm capable of selling at a higher commission range. My calls at my last company were all cold (around 100 a day). I got job offers as a recruiter and also a few SDR offers but both fields the base is under 45k. I have a four year degree and one year of sales experience. Thank you


Does anyone have advice on pivoting away from hospital administration and into other opportunities within healthcare (i.e. consulting/strategy/program management etc.)? I've been a service line administrator for 3 years and working at a large hospital system for 6 (post MHA) but I'm not getting anywhere when I apply for roles outside of hospital operations. I get called back for other hospital ops roles but I can't even get a phone interview when I branch out...


Who on here works in Healthcare Consulting and what is your focus?


So I have to be vegan for a while for health reasons, has anyone else been through this and how did you survive? Lol and also please share any cooking or recipe tips if you're up to it!! Thank you so much.


28, $93k/yr. maxing out 401k and roth, but no other investments. want to buy property in 5 yrs. have $7k, and saving ~$1k/mo for a down payment. HYSA or should i consider investing, too? no debt.

My father visiting me and on visitors insurance had an injury and was asked to do physiotherapy sessions that are covered. If I renew/extend the insurance will it keep covering the sessions?


I work in the Dental field in greater Austin area of Texas. I’ve been an assistant for two years and just got promoted to Office Manager of a small private practice. We will be negotiating my hourly pay, but I don’t know what would be realistic to expect. With rising cost of living and inflation I’ve taken a 2$ pay cut. Currently no health or retirement benefits are offered. What would be a good hourly wage for me?

How many people here have an IRA in addition to their 401k? Best place to open an IRA?



Can I pay full hra amount as rent to my parents to get hra exemption benefits.

HRA: 5 lakh


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Hello, anyone working in project management or production have any tips or tool recommendations for managing budgets and timelines? I feel like I never really learned what the best practices are. I currently work as a producer for the marketing team at a start up. How do you folks do things at the big ad agencies? Thank you!


Looking for recommendations to generally upskill my Strategy work (or learn from scratch) — be it courses, classes, books, podcasts, people to follow.

For context, I’m a freelance Social Media Manager/Strategist and I came into Ad world via Startups. Throwing myself into learning on the job with more Strategy gigs - but I still don’t feel like I quite know the lingo or best practices or theories.


Does anyone have any location recommendations for a 7-10 day trip during July for a destination outside of the US? Considering Vietnam (pending travel restrictions) but wanted to see where else might be good to visit in July (considering weather and crowds and travel restrictions)


what are some of your favorite / best loyalty programs?


Anyone subletting a 1 bed in nyc for a couple weeks in June?

Any thoughts on Space150? I’m asking about the NY office

I think one should start carrying spoons from home if they’re planning to buy lunch from Delhi office. Waiting 16mins for a spoon today.


I am working as a backend developer in Bangalore.
My current CTC is 5 lpa. I am frustrated and tensed because of my current CTC. Currently I have 1 year of experience. I want to know, do i still have a chance to switch to CTC more than 10lpa within next 6 months. If yes then please tell me how. I have been working on nodejs.


Tips for initial phone screen for Project Manager @ shopify?


Looking for job

8 YOE into Android.

Skills: Java, Kotlin, Android

Thank you.

Does an MBA make sense if you are already at 18lpa with 3 yoe.? Would love to hear your thoughts.

What are some interesting high paying non project based positions out there?

Even if I have to take a paycut I am done working project based.


Best date night restaurant in/around Cambridge?


Scale 1-10 (10 being “tear my hair out bad”), how badly do you procrastinate?


Thinking about suggesting that once a quarter each group lead suggest a junior member on their team and that group gets to go to lunch with the CEO. (continued below)


Hi Fishes,

I am full-stack cloud developer (Azure certified).

I have experience in ReactJs, Angular, Java (Spring Boot), Python, IoT Edge, C#, Linux, Azure, SQL Server, MongoDB.

Currently I am getting 9.2 LPA with 5 YOE.

How much should I expect, if I switch now?


Looking for switch into consulting..

I have a 5 years of experience in supply chain management. Have worked into the functional role and willing to move into technology or analytical side.

Any help appreciated.


Hi guys, anyone open to provide referral for LinkedIn.


Question: As a recent grad, should I be contributing to a 401(k) or a Roth 401(k)? I can afford to put in ~20% of my paycheck towards the Roth, and probably a bit more to a traditional. What do I do?

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Finalised my car sale at Carvana. Had indicated that my car is in a good condition with minor cosmetic defects. Today someone has scratched the back of my car with what looks like a Key scratch. Will the evaluator decrease the price or refuse the sale on inspection? Has anyone had an experience with selling with Carvana? Thanks!

Trying to decide between a new Mazda CX5 touring and CRV exl. Not able to make up my mind..any insights ?

How negotiable are used cars from places like Carmax Carguru Autotrader etc?


Used: C7 vs M4 vs C63 vs RS5
Which car would you go with, why?


How much would a Toyota Corolla 2020 LE with around 30K miles sell for in 2023?

Tires question: considering Pirelli tires for my 2017 Nissan Maxima.
The P Zero all season plus specifically. Any other recommendations?
Doesn't snow where I live, fwiw.

Looking for recommendations on the most I can spend on a car:
I make 70k/year, and have 30k saved up. No real expenses ( I live at home). Would a 30k car be too much?

Is it a good idea to put MSD down or any down payment when leasing in this current environment?

I am thinking of buying a used Maserati (3-4 years old, low mileage and if possible as good deal) and use it for 3 years, put 15 k miles on it and sell it off. The cars available are for $35-40k (Ghibli). Questions for the group
1- will I be able to sell it for 20-25k in 3 years?
2- how much should I budget for repair and maintenance and
3- is it worth it? If not, what car do you recommend?


BMW or Mercedes
Which is more impressive as a brand? Thinking of either the E class or 5 series.

Anyone else absolutely in love with the Corvette C8? What do you think the depreciation will be on them - wondering if it might be smart to wait a year or three and buy used.

Evaluating between BMW X1 2021 and Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti AWD. Tips and inputs welcome! Just need a weekend Suv. Ruled out CX5 due to performance and Mercedes GLA since its too small for a SUV.


Audi S4 or BMW M340i? Looking to buy used.


Used Honda Pilot vs Highlander which one is better to buy? Appreciate any tips and recommendations on how/where to buy a used car.

Hello! Need help. I got a letter in mail for Hyundai's car recall and was told to contact nearest Hyundai dealer. Upon calling, I was told that while it's a known recall, there is no remedy for it per the corporate site.

The two doesn't add up. Should I call another dealer? Or is something like this possible? Clearly a novice when it come sto this.

Looking to buy a car December - SUV that has a decent resale value, and very reliable. Used or new 20k max if used and 25k if new. Thoughts? Thank you!! 🙏

Anyone here own a Ferrari? I’ve always wanted one.

Does it make sense to buy a 50,000 dollar car if your yearly package before tax is 120,000?
I have 100K in savings and want to buy in cash, to avoid monthly payments. Appreciate any mentorship or advice.

Need your help/advice! I was rear ended & gave my car to the body shop. The lift gate needs to be replaced. It's been 9 weeks and they have not yet received the part. They don't know when they'll get it in. Additionally, they mentioned that they ordered the part with my VIN & they received the wrong part. (How?) Now they're like we've called xyz vendors and none of them have the part. Is it just me, or are they lying? And their response to follow up is we will keep checking...continue..