Anyone have any advice on how to transition from AE in tech sales to Customer Success?

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Miss your quota


1) do it internally if possible
2) if not write a resume highlighting relationship building skills, upselling, growth, expansion, that kinda thing and apply externally
3) target companies in your space where you understand the buyers
4) network

why on earth would you go to customer success from sales? you should go to partnerships, imo.


I get you. I felt similar as you and I changed from Sales to Operations one year ago.

6 months later, I'm back to Sales and I won't ever leave to Operations again.

The reason is that in Operations it was not "more chill" at all. I also had deadlines and targets and the job was super demanding, but much less rewarding. I was not in the front line anymore, but in the middle and out of sudden, responsible for EVERYTHING.

Now back in Sales, I work hard, but at least, thanks to commission (and better pay in general), I don't have a feeling that all my work is dedicated to just make somebody else rich.

I would recommend to explore Sales jobs with the focus on the things you like. There are lots of options in Sales! Some of them are focused on work with existing clients and your targets are on renewals and upsells only. This would, for instance, match your preferences, but might require to change the company. Maybe the issue is not in Sales, but the product, type of clients, company structure, etc? I would recommend to rather consider that.

Good luck! It's great that you look for a change! ☺️


Gratzi. I just don't enjoy sales anymore. I am good at it but just no enjoyment in it. I enjoy problem solving, building long term relationships and can certainly cross sell and upsell. But starting each month at 0 is eating my sould. I've done resume' changes as suggested. Trying to stay with current organization but need to learn Tableau. Partnerships is a good option, just not with current org. That is locked down


Then learn tableau! That’s not that difficult a task vs trying to break in externally.

Don’t do it. The best CS teams are ones who have some responsibility for a goal, like an AE.


Just reach out to a recruiter that recruits for CS

Yea, don’t do it.

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Hello Fishes,

I have a question, What are the possibilities that I can do a job change to Accenture - Reporting/R2R/P2P profile considering I have no prior experience in the same. I am currently associated with RBS as Operations Analyst and having over 18 months of experience.

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More in comments.


Hi Fishes

I have two offers in hand

@Reliance Ajio 14LPA(SDE-1)

@Practo 14-15LPA (SDE-2) in talks with the HR

my question is which company should in prefer in terms of growth and the position they are offering

YOE: 1.5years

TechStack: Java(backend)

Thanks in advance.


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Lil fish in a big bowl. Writer and Blender user looking to make connections.

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OH, walking past a big digital presentation to a brand: “this is a really great creative example on Facebook...”

It wasn’t.


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“We are fully remote”

Me : Awesome so no travel required at all?

“Well you need to come to the office 3 times a week and the other two you will be popping into potential customers on site”

Me: So not remote at all…?

“No we’re remote, you get two days traveling not in the office”

Boomers and Gen X HR teams are FUNNY.


Calvin Klein Inc.

any career opportunities available ?? I already have a profile in PVH Careers

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I'm shameless! Who wants to hire me? Full cycle corporate and commercial real estate sales rep who wants to get into BDR/SDR roles. #ninja


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I had a job interview for a role that I really want. The hiring manager scheduled me for an interview and did not show up. Emailed me an hour later stating that he got super busy and couldn’t attend, and would like to reschedule. This is a major red flag, but I can’t help but feel that I am missing out since this role pays 50% over what I currently make. Should I let the recruiter know? What’s your take on this?


Looking for SDR manager role in Austin or remote.


Is it a red flag if, after almost two years in a full quota carrying and selling role I want to take a lower role at another company in order to break into a field (tech sales) I want to work in? It’s better pay - closer to home and at a company with a better reputation?