Finished Rich Dad Poor Dad and appreciate the emphasis on creating alternative cash flows (vs. just income). Does anyone have book recommendations on creating wealth? I've focused heavily on income + 'safe' investing, but intrigued to learn more.

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I would focus on a type of investment vehicle that interests you that will create passive income. Then find a book specifically about that vehicle.

For example, I have an evergreen YouTube channel that generates some passive income.

I also have ETFs that pay 10%+ dividends.

I also recently purchased two apartment buildings - which required a lot more research and a mentor to execute properly.


QYLD and RYLD both pay well. That said, they dropped with the market over the last year so there is still risk. However, they still pay dividends consistently.


What ETFs are paying a 10% yield? That smells like MLP type territory and that isn’t really equivalent to a dividend in any meaningful way.


Read The Simple Path to Wealth


Example ETFs with dividends above 10%:


It’s not that they’ll be down more; it’s that’s people should understand that they’re selling most of their upside for the yield, while keeping all of the downside of the equity index that it’s tracking.

So I basically agree with you, but referring to broad ETFs without noting what they are is a bit… weird. I had some 50-60% returns on leveraged ETFs, but wouldn’t broadcast that without saying that they were levered funds.

That’s great! I’m working on creating another cashflow, let’s catch up and talk.

There is nothing close to 10 here. Do you have a different list?

These are curated lists and I’d stay away from advice

It’s obviously sarcasm folks

If you are referring to me, I’m afraid you are incorrect.

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Can't register for binance or bittrex 😮


Howdy everyone! Has anyone here ever taken on a freelance project in the US? How did you manage taxes and other legal stuff? I’m London based and will keep being in London when taken on this US project. Just want to make sure I don’t do anything that might keep me from entering the U.S. in the future lol.


Any recommendations for a good tax guy in the Bay Area who is expert with multi-state, real-estate, student loans, Indian assets etc?

🐠 Are you comfortable with sharing all the accounrs with Personal Capital app?


Need to get renters insurance? First time in Ny. I know they all run about the same, but any good experiences out there?


Does Deloitte still offer second year tuition reimbursement for a returning intern who’s attending their MBA program on a full tuition scholarship? Thanks!


Want to improve my verbal and written communication skills. I hear reading more would help but I don’t read as much as I used to. So I’m wondering what books would help with that? Should I just read books that tickle my fancy like suspense and true crime novels? Help! Welcome to all book recommendations!


Anyone have any good book recommendations around building passive income sources/building wealth?


Pros and Cons of ESPP in UK and tax implications if we hold long term (>3Y)


Is this really 🚀?? or simply because those who do a lot of mining in Asia are celebrating Chinese new year instead of actively trading ;))


How often do you refresh your cryptocurrency balance?


For USI Onsite folks,

Has anyone received the tax filings from Deloitte yet? I had submitted everything in January but haven't received anything after that


At what age did you buy your first rental property? How did you get there? I’m early 20’s but it feels like I’ll be 30+ before I can really do it.


Would it be weird to live at home as a new grad in consulting? Don’t come from money and live ~25 mins away by car. Saving $15-24k+ / year in rent feels like an obvious decision but I’m not sure if it would detract from the experience or be seen as odd by peers/managers


UPST was a hidden gem that I completely missed. Any other such stocks undervalued and ready to rip up high? Another one I was looking was DOCS.


Hi guys ,
Need sone suggestions onto how should i claim HRA . I live with parents but i hve seen ppl claiming hra by gng into a rent agreement with parents . What all doc are req and i am planning to claim less than 1 lac so pan card wont be req.

Is it silly to think of my dj as a potential storage of money? I have cash at the moment and am liquid. But am 25 so seems silly to be trying to spend 9k on a watch. I will likely never sell it but if things turn south I have at least 7k of value on it


Needs some serious brainstorming/ advise - I recently moved all my 401k into money market accounts and bonds ( let’s say 100k in total) , fearing a market crash. Is that’s a good decision , ..cont...

Anyone has Amex black card lol


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Hi Fishes,

I got the offer from Synechron and Virtusa

Could you please help me which company should I join

Synechron offering all fixed
Virtusa offering fixed + variable


You know if you know!

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Starting a new fully remote role Monday with a leader that has never had their own admin, let alone an exec assistant. Any suggestions for developing the relationship or training them to properly use an exec assistant?


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Impetus Hiring for the below open positions.

Big Data Lead

data architect

lead data engineer.

Technical Architect: Big Data

Senior Software Engineer: Big Data/Java

Senior Software Engineer: Big Data/Python

Big Data Architect

GCP Engineer/Architect

Senior Lead/Lead Software Engineer: Big Data

If interested, comment below


Deloitte Consulting H1-B applicants through BAL this year: did you receive your receipt notice from USCIS yet? My Cobalt still says pending.


Any one working or knows DSS+ consulting in Dubai? Please let me know to connect


Would you work for DealHub?


Is it true that a random product company fares much better for h1b approvals (both initial and extension) than consulting firms with tons of applications and amendments?


Anyone also having issues reaching Freedom Fertility today? Have been on hold over 30 min trying to order a refill. President’s Day isn’t listed as a holiday on their website


What is the plan for the beginning of next year? If we have to go digital how do you plan on doing that? What about mask requirements and social distancing restrictions. I think much of this is too much to ask of Kinders.


Any advice to clear back acne?
My face is immaculate but I breakout on my back and it is become very frustrating.


Ho Fishes,
I appeared for L1 for Architect role in D365 CRM yesterday. It was 30 mins discussion on scenario based qs. Able to answer 70%. Any chance? If yes, how many days it takes for the 2nd round call back?

Hey Zsers

Can somebody tell me the appraisal cycle in ZS ? Is it once a year or twice ?

How does everyone feel about their Health Coverage?

Does it seem too expensive when you barely use your coverage?
Do you have a hard time finding facilities that accept your coverage?
Do you find it hard to trust Insurance Agents?

Let's talk!


Have a client that missed paying sales tax on some of their receipts in WI. Options? Just amend the monthly?


Is anyone able to offer me a referral to Booz Allen Hamilton in a Texas location? I'm currently a student graduating this Summer and have several years of independent consulting experience in upstream O&G as well as a couple years of experience in IT.


Any F for Sexting😘

What is RSM's dress code??? I feel so silly, I started during the pandemic and am headed into the office for the first time next week and realized I have no idea 🤦‍♀️

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Best HYSA recommendations? Please list the bank & the rate you get with them below. Thanks all!


Should I fully fund my retirement account or should I invest in these iBonds?


I (US-based) am trying to buy an apartment in a different country in which I do not have a Credit history / score. Any ideas / recs on what loans to take? I don't think a mortgage will be possible there due to my lack of history. I am considering doing a home equity loan on my current home in US. Is this the best option?


First time home buyer -

1. looking for guidance on how to find credible mortgage lenders and how to shop/negotiate interest rates as well as the loan amount

2. Is it true that pledging your stock investments as collateral helps with getting a lower interest rate?

3. If I sell some stocks to go towards down payment, are there any strategies to minimize capital gain taxes on the stocks?

I’m in NJ and looking to buy a condo in north Jersey! TIA


I need to do a backdoor Roth IRA - A question I have is do I need to do the full $6000 contribution limit up front, or can I do a portion, convert it, and then continue to contribute throughout the year?

Also once it is converted can I contribute to that same account in future years?



Small update on my FIRE journey. I signed a contract yesterday to close on my 3rd rental property. #'s below. I'm doing 25% down. Once I have this 3rd one, this will bring my total monthly Cash Flow to $950 a month after all expenses, including setting aside 10% of the rent each month for maintenance/vacancies.

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How do you measure fire readiness when it Comes to real estate ?

My current + pipeline homes (2-3) year stats:
Purchase (10 homes) 4.3M
Down- about 25%
Market value- guess if 5.4M
Equity of 2.1M , net equity of 1.0 if exclude my down payments
Cash on cash isn’t best but about 4.5% ( lived in some of these homes)
Net income- 50k/yr

Clearly high assets and loans with small cash compared to current income but building wealth. How to measure fire - income? Wealth accumulation?


In what condition would you consider retire?

A. My investment/401K/IRAs reach $3M (or 5M or a number);
B. My investment can generate income (dividends/interest) that equals to 75% (or some %) of my current salary;
C. My mortgage paid off or/and kids college paid off;
D. When I reach 62.5 yr old (or certain age);
E. Some other consideration (please specify)

One of the above, or some combinations of above - please specify.

F. None of the above - I'll keep working until I kick the bucket :-)


When you do your NW statement, do you count personal possessions? For example, my wife’s rings are appraised at $28k. I assume I could get about 50% of that selling it back so I add $14k to my NW. Considering stopping this…thoughts?


Hi friendly people! I need help assessing my renting vs buying options.

I live in Chicago. I’ve been living in my current space for three years renting a 1200 sq fr apartment 2 blocks from Wrigley for $700/mo (total rent is $1400 but I have a roommate.)

I’ve been considering buying a place for several years and haven’t pulled the trigger because hoa + taxes in most situations is over $1k.

For ref a nice one bed and one bath close to the lake is $230k avg hoa $500. But no separate ...


Has anyone else noticed mint double counting some transactions? The total it displays on my main page doesn’t come close to what the broken out categories total (almost 2x but not quite).


KPMG EY can you all contribute after tax 401k dollars up to the IRS 61k limit?


Currently looking to refinance my first home (4.125) and considering a few options. What do you recommend?

Background: 36, single and hoping to meet someone, would move from townhome at that point. Would like to save on interest & reduce costs in the time being. No other expenses but car is 10 years old and would prob need a new one within 5 years.

Loan amt: $220k
Current Principle + Interest 4.125% : $1104

Refinance options:
7/6 arm 2.25%: $848
30 yr 2.87%: $920


Thoughts on using M1 Finance to invest money? Has anyone used it and have pros and cons for it?