I'm on the verge of removing my 2nd grade son from school completely. We tried public and private schools but he just doesn't function well with the classroom environment. He's a smart kid (also a bit of a smart a$$) and his grads are A/B average. The constant calls from the school havd caused me to have serious anxiety and mentally I don't want to deal with school anymore. Looking for alternatives to the traditional classroom. I'm not sure homeschooling is the right answer either

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Pearson international is where my kids are going during the pandemic.

I haven’t had bad experiences but the teachers did not have our confidence in the public school ... more like baby sitters.

The online school gives us more visibility and control on his schedule.

He can learn on his own with some help from the teacher and his classmates. We practice more drills with him and he passes all of his tests with ease.
He’s a natural artist so we plan to use the extra 4 hrs a day better than sitting in a seat being bored to death.

Our kids are more confident and have more time in their day to do sports. The eldest has his own Art store where he sells his art online.

We are fortunate to have these options.


Currently looking into Pearson right now ad I have decided to homeschool


What are the calls about? Just minor behavior stuff?

I think its minor. Humming during seatwork. Tapping thw desk during tests. Little things to keep him focused but that also cause classroom disruptions. But if that's how he learns/focuses in think they should be trying to work with him rather than removing him from the class. Then again, I don't know anything about classroom management

I have a son with similar habits/movement needs. If the ability to move his body is what your child needs that’s what he needs.

Perhaps reach out at the district level and also look at what is defined as special education support in your district.

While you shouldn’t need an IEP to fidget without censure apparently these days you just might

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I am leaving the classroom.

I don't want to manage so many humans at one time, anymore. I'm considering working remote to be able to travel more easily and figure out where I want to live and what I want.

Is there anyone who has left the classroom or the education field? What jobs were you able to transition into?


This is our first holiday season in the Nashville area, any suggestions on family activities/light displays we should check out? Our kids our 8, 5, and 3.


Should respect be EARNED or GIVEN? 🤔 Chime in.

I come from the European culture of education where teachers are highly respected - very much like in the Japanese society where teachers get the utmost respect, as high as if not even higher than doctors / surgeons.

Students stand up when the teacher enters the classroom, say “hello” when seen in the hallway, etc. Teachers are (or at least are expected to be) GIVEN the respect by students. Seems in the US respect has to be EARNED.


Hey mamas, how do you deal with young and very competitive female co-workers who try to leave you behind or show off without crediting you? (Specially when you are WFH with a sick kid)

Anyone have advice for talking to teachers in your school that are upset with you?
My 4th grade class didn’t show up today because the teachers are upset that student behaviors that are an issue in music are carrying over to their classroom. I understand their frustration, but nothing was communicated with me. I even thought things were going better this week.

38 and child free not by choice. My partner and I tried for the last few years and learned it won’t happen naturally. Been delaying IUI because mid thirties were too fun and now we aren’t as motivated as we once were. More money, opportunities and new prospects of early retirement make it harder to want children like we did a few years back when we had less. Plus all the real talk on social makes parenthood so unappealing. Anyone else on the fence?


Planning to leave the firm in 2 weeks, but don’t find out whether I’m pregnant for another 5-7 days. Can I just tell project 2 weeks notice but not formally submit documents until post testing/1 week?

My husband and I are both very ready to start a family. For those who have finished their PhD while pregnant or with a young child, do you have any regrets?


Pregnant ladies - what's your holiday strategy given omicron? Are u gathering with family/friends? I'm vaxxed and boosted but still confused as to how I should approach things...


Has anyone in this group ever used a career coach? I am currently working as a medical billing manager but I have a very diverse background. I am 52 years old and I am currently working at the lowest point in my career, it was difficult to make my way back after taking 15 years off to raise my children.


Have been interviewing remotely at a co. since early Feb and am now in advanced rounds. I am also 6 mos pregnant. Do I wait til offer table to bring up leave? I can get health ins thru husband.


Have any of you tried out the My Child Can Learn Curriculum with your kids? It used to be marketed as My Baby Can Read. If you did what did you all think of it? My English, Spanish, and French sets just came in the mail today and I’m excited to get started with it!


I’m trying to get my parents into adopting healthier eating habits but nothing is really sticking. Do you have any recommendations or like books I can give them to teach them what’s actually good to eat vs. falling for good marketing/ fads?


Any advice from moms who did Babywise? We did it for our first and it went PERFECTLY. Now 2nd kid is 3 weeks old and im having a much harder time and don’t know how to solve our issues. She’s trying to eat every 2 hours some days, she was doing 4.5 hour night stretches but stopped & now wakes every 2.5-3 hrs at night. She’s waking at 5:30-6:00 am when we want a 7 am wake time. Maybe she needs a later first wake time in the AM?. . I can’t seem to get her on a real schedule.


Need tips for dating someone with a kid


Those with littles...how do you and your SO deal with days off work? I think we both secretly hope the other one will be “lead parent” so we can each chill LOL. Do you split the day so you each get a half day of rest/freedom? Switch off days?


Is it weird to not have a baby shower? I’m not interested at all


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For reimbursing commute expens
1. Can we reimburse things like travelling to team party, office catch up etc. ?
2. And can we reimburse uber rides which are paid by cash ?


Good brunch spots in San Fran/Oakland area?

Do I seriously need to comp my work into smartphone screens to appear digital/social to recruiters? Please tell me no.


Hi Fishes,
Please help me choose:
TCS Gandhinagar - IT Analyst - 14.2 Fixed + 1.3 Variable,
One Advanced (Product Based) Gandhinagar - Senior Software Engineer - 17.8 Fixed + 1.3 Variable,
Mphasis Pune - Delivery Module Lead - 19 Fixed + 1 Variable,
Synechron Pune - Sr. Associate Technology - 20.5 Fixed,
HCL Pune - Technical Lead - 18.3 Fixed + 2.7 Variable,
Virtusa Pune - Senior Consultant - 20.7 Fixed + 2.3 Variable + 1 JB

Skills: Java, Springboot, AWS
YOE : 6.5
LWD : 27 Feb

Hi Fishes,

My Uncle is working in a very small company as .Net developer from last 10 years. CCTC:- 3.6 LPA. He never applied to other companies because of poor communication skills. But now since market is very good he started applying and completed all rounds in Wipro. He has HR round tomorrow. Any idea how much he can ask ?


Pulao > biryani


What is the salary (in India bangalore) one can expect with 10 years of industry experience ... master certified in automation anywhere and expert in uipath ...

After joining a new company, How long should it take to understand and start developing like pro in the big project ? In a companies like Infosys, IBM, LTI, etc


Any fish on here worked at Dayblink? Came across an opportunity with them the other day but I hadn’t heard of them until now. Advice/thoughts?


How often do you all shift jobs?


Can Any analysts or associates at Goldman sachs chime in on a range of the annual bonus and annual pay increase?


Hi all,
Technical question..

If a limited company has an owner who's daughter is an employee, and she loans money from the company, will she be caught under s455 or can this be regarded as an employee loan?


Any recommendations on training programs (online, boot camps, etc.) for how to create good PPT deliverables for clients? Tried Wall Street Prep and they were, well ok. Just for basics, like how to create an impactful story, etc. Any recommendations welcome


Starting my new position next week as a Senior Art Director at an ad/experience agency after being senior designer ar branding agencies for so long. It’s an exciting career move for me but it’s definitely scary and intimidating. I would appreciate any advice as I step into my meet role, especially when it comes to dealing with social anxiety


How to deal with a teammate not contributing and then taking credit for the work? He/she is the same level as I.

I'm a pca in TN with around 8 years of experience. I am making 13 a hour. Is that low?


Will it be more difficult to get referrals from strangers during a recession? Or just more difficult for those referrals to convert to interviews?


Have the opportunity to pick up this BB GMT for ~20% off. Should I go for it?

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anyone hiring AD? 😂

RFE for LCA. Should I not go to client's site anymore?

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Hi Parents, need recommendation for taking care of kids hair. My kids are mixed race and their hair gets easily tangled to the point where we spend an hour to untangle the mess. Hair is also dry and the conditioner and or oil doesn’t seem to help. What are some of your go to products and routine? TIA

New Dad here. 8 weeks in and I don’t feel the imagined bell and whistles of fatherhood. Is this normal?

Thank y’all for starting this bowl! Newly expecting mama here 🤰🏾I’ll be 11 weeks tomorrow! My husband and I are praying that I give birth to healthy 🤴🏾 or 👸🏾. I look forward to learning from this group!


Am I tripping? Everyone loves calling my daughter (2 months) "lil chocolate drop" or "look at all that chocolate". I love my daughter's complexion, not only because it's mine, but because it's beautiful. However, I can't help but feeling like ppl "other" or make it weird by avoiding saying dark. Calling her dark is acceptable and appreciated. I know "chocolate" comes from a place of affection, but I just can't embrace it 💯.


Seeing local parents reacting to the public school lottery results in DC, got me super nervous about when it’s my kids turn.

I hate the idea of having so little control.


Anyone have kids that struggle with night terrors?

My daughter had one for the first time last night and it scared the crap out of me. It was like she didn’t know who I was.

Ladies, any suggestions our 8th anniversary gift for the wife? We are in our early 30s. I am running out of ideas over the year 😔.

Any of the sisters deal with gestational diabetes but already had a restrictive diet pre and during pregnancy?
Doctor says I have it, but I honestly don’t believe them. I don’t eat cane sugar (not even in sauces), gluten, dairy, or soy. So not surprised I couldn’t process their drink-I don’t consume stuff like that regularly. I walk a mile or do HIIT training 5x/ week. The condition doesn’t run in my family (and my mom has 4 sisters w/kids-good sample size) (cont’d in comments)

About to be a new dad. Starting to look into childcare but feeling a little overwhelmed. Would love to hear thoughts/opinions on what to look for besides convenience.

Potential unintended consequences of my parenting decisions is the most stressful thing ever.

The “right” approach can feel so clear one moment, then feel like a huge mistake the next.


Talk to me about discipline. What age did you really start laying down the law? Im patiently waiting out the terrible twos but at some point will need to reign it in if this continues...

Thanks all for this group. 1st time expecting dad 🧔🏾.

I’m a little bit all-over the place and not sure where to start financial planning from.

I live in a Tier-1 city and think it’s necessarily to move to Tier-3. It’s important that my kids grow up in a house vs. apartment. Also need to stretch my dollar as far as possible.

Total comp - $180K

How much should I budget for the 1st year of baby?


Where can I get good and affordable baby clothes 0-3 months?


Do any parents have a Lovevery discount code? Also, are there other similar services I should look it? Our LO is due in 3 weeks. So, I want to get him off to a good start.