Any tips on how to handle traveling? Gyms, workouts, eating at the client offices, etc?

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Ask for a hotel room with a fridge and a microwave. Most gas stations or small grocery stores have hard boiled eggs. If you’re near a Trader Joe’s then you’re golden - they have pre cooked chicken, microwaveable veggies and brown or jasmine rice.
As for eating in front of the clients, I just called it medical food. Body building food looks a lot like diabetic food, so I think that’s what everyone assumes it is
Gym time is tricky, before my shows, I try to get my two a days in around work, but if I know I’ll be staying super late, I get them both in in the morning

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Is a "cooling off" period required if I only worked on a client for a week within the last year? Would be for a sr. Financial analyst role.


Best way to get to Hawaii from Denver around Christmas time? I have chase points and American


Do you guys prefer traveling during the week or being local? About to start my first traveling project and trying to seeing the positives like getting points. Seems like it could be worth it.


People who are joining Nagarro, Make sure you are aware of the project details before joining...lot of projects in Nagarro are sub contract projects...


Had a "haha" moment. I had been dealing with a client for months and they were somewhat satisfied, if a little bit exigent with their demands. My boss told me I was screwing things up, decided to take the partnership upon themselves, and a week after, this client cut ties with us.


Has anyone left a job they returned to? I’m exactly a year back with my agency after leaving and returning and was just offered a client side position.

I am membership director for a medical based fitness facility on the west side. We offer corporate partnerships. I would love to network with companies in Indianapolis!


How does one move from a BA position to a Manager level position?
I have an MBA in IT Project Management and several years experience in various Business Analyst roles. Every IT/Project/Product Manager role requires several years experience to get it.


Accenture India Hello,

I resigned and asked for early release.
But the management did not agree,but right now they are rolling me off from the project in another 4 days and my lwd is 1month away from today.

Whatz likely going to happen?
Will they release me early or put me on bench for the rest of my notice days?
Need inputs please.

PS:I don't want early release now.

Accenture India Accenture


Hello fishes,

It has been a month since I have joined KPMG global services. But till now I am not assigned to any project. I have also attended a client interview but i didn't got selected for the project.
So as a new joiner i need suggestions and advices. Is it going affect my position?


Hi everyone I have a 2+ years of experience as a Business Analyst at TCS, my role involves liasing between different stakeholders, Client and Product Owners. Elicitation and analysis of quality Business user requirements, validating proposed solution with UX/UI leads, technical leads and solution architect. proficient in Agile methodology,Salesforce CRM, SDFC,SDLC, EXCEL and PowerPoint.I am currently looking for other opportunities and would kindly request to refer me if any within their org.


I joined on June 2021 to Accenture as transition project now when can i expect transition rewards or hike ? Do i want to wait till Dec 2022 or is there any chance to get hike earlier ?


Can someone refer me for Project Accountant/ controller job ?


Any slack channel recommendations, for operations, leadership, project/program/product management. If yes please share the link!


Controversial post. I have a family member who received some difficult health news recently. She has an 8 month old Aussiedoodle that she can not care for. I know selling pets is generally not well received, but given the circumstances, it would be helpful for her to recover what she paid for the puppy. Is there a place online, preferably, where this can be done? Thank you in advance, and please no judgment


Did I make a mistake for asking a sick day off too “early”?

I was working til late evening and didn’t feel well the whole day. Gave my manager a heads up that I’m not feeling well + requested to take a day off the next day - and all she said was to see if I still feel unwell the next day, then yeah I can.

Am I too being sensitive? Is this normal in the workplace? Genuinely curious - this is my first job at a startup


Anyone here a Client Onboarding Associate for an RIA? We have YE reviews coming up soon. I’m pretty sure I am a shoe in for a promotion, but in case I don’t get it (god-forbid), what is the going salary for this position? I would definitely ask for a raise and a merit bass bonus, so I want to gauge what you all think a good salary is for this role. Any thoughts? Oh! I am also based in NYC.


Has anyone got the vaccine for covid? I am eligible to get it but not able to find an appointment for it.
Has anyone got an appointment using NYC covid finder or any website? Thanks


When you're swiping through tinder and you see the hotel concierge come up in your feed 😂😂😂


Need some benchmarks for a UK graphic design agency in the project management department. What’s your job title, level and salary?


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Just been diagnosed though I've long suspected. The psychiatrist is diagnosing Vyvanse and a mild anti depressant - any tips or advice for me? I tend to be very conservative about medication and my mother would have a nervy b if she knew I was considering it because she thinks it will lead to addiction


Anyone recently joined ey gds ?


For those of you that went to T14 law schools - what was your first job out of law school? Compensation? Did you have any prior experience ( can this help negotiating your salary ) ?



I just received an analytical challenge from talent acquisition. Is there anyone willing to help?


JPMorgan Chase How to access Office Mails from Mobile? Please ping me personally if you could help me on this


I used my 401k savings in AMC at open this morning...


For a marketing agency, is it better to come up with a name or use your own?

Should it be “Social Media Experts 360”
or do you prefer “Laura Shorey Communications” ?



Hi Everyone, I have just received an offer letter from ANSR who is working From NAB(National Australia Bank). As per interview they said once their payroll team hired all ANSR employees will transfer to NAB payroll.Does anyone have received the same is it correct process. Will they transfer their employees?National Australia Bank Ansr global Ansr global

Recommendations for portable ergonomic keyboards? I have tennis elbow from typing :/

Easy. Can anyone beat this?
For those who may not have heard, they just added Sephiroth to the latest Smash Bros.

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In grad school & graduating in summer. New employer will apply for H1-B this yr. I'm planning to go out of US for a wedding in March end. Do I need to return to US before April 1 if my H1B is applied?

Good books on consulting?


I will be joining SAP SDC in July.
Can I expect hike in March 2023 ?


Hi Friends,

I might get call from HR for salary negotiation next week. I want to know how much fixed pay is offered in TCS at 11 yoe and tech stack AWS + Java.


Any advice of changing auto/home insurances?

Additional Posts in Bodybuilders in Advertising

How do you handle all of the drinking events?

I HATE meal prep - feels like eating leftovers every day. Any advice on quick meals? Food scale at the office, access to fridge and microwave, hate leftovers or reheating


Any marathon runners up in this bowl?


Any crossfitters in here ? Glassman 🤦‍♂️


rest days/easy days OR
hard days since you have the time


Women who train: what helps you stay motivated during the exhaustion and/or pains of shark week?

what does everyone do for programming ?
self coached ? prof coached ? online plan ?
bro split or PPL ?


How do you deal with family members who do not take care of themselves (exercise, eat well, etc) ? [continued]

which is worse ? hypertrophy squats or hypertrophy deads ?

BCAAs in a caloric deficit: legit or bs?

Anyone try the 5x5 programming? Looking to pack on some serious muscle in the next 2 months

Tips/tricks to avoiding free office snacks? I’m a former fat kid who can’t help stress eating on deadline.

Meal prepping is such a waste of time when you’re visiting post houses all week


how are the quarantine workouts going ?

Where does everyone work out? Are you following a specific program or do you do your same routine from week to week?


Anyone workout during the work day? How does that work out? (Particularly with showering and cleanliness)

when you’re at the gym and see someone doing bicep curls...who definitely skips leg day. 🤦‍♂️


Anyone going to Adobe Summit? What are your plans to not lose it all?

Diagnosed with a partially torn shoulder labrum from years of swimming and power lifting.

Has anyone ever dealt with this ?

Do you count/care more about calories, macros or both? Anyone every try keto?


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