Hi, I'm an employee at a hotel chain who works remotely. I've been working remotely for over a year now and I love it! The company I work for is very supportive of remote workers, which is great.

But there's one thing that's been bothering me: it's hard to get feedback on my work when I'm not in the office. It would be great if there was some kind of system that let me know how my performance was being evaluated while I'm working on projects from home.

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Just curious to know what you’re working on remotely for a major hotel player that isn’t being managed/supported by your leader?


The people over at Hilton don't do performance reviews or what?

They do they only promote within they hardly hire outside

Do you have a manager or some type of superior that you can talk to about this? Seems like a pretty easy fix

So you're telling me that they just let you do whatever and don't offer any feedback? How does a place like that even work lol

Hilton isn't doing work reviews?

What is your job title and responsibilities?

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Hi Fishes,
Got an opportunity from dubai but it is contract role and also wfh. With a salary of 1.35lakh per month INR

Experience 3.6 year
Tech stack .Net Core + Angular

Is it okay to accept this role.
Need suggestion


@Anyone who travels weekly: Have you ever not had an apartment or house (home base) near home office and lived off alt travel, hotels, stay with friends, etc.?


Hi Sharks,
I am working with FIS at 26 LPA with permanent work from home project and having 11 yeo.

Recently I got an offer from TCS with 31 LPA for Delhi location. I am doubtful about joining since it's just 20% hike to my current ctc. Also I have heard that TCS is ending WFH soon so I need to relocate with my whole family and kids and need to bear expenses in Delhi.

Should I take this opportunity or not kindly suggest.


Larsen & Toubro Infotech Can I demand for an US based project with the organization before I join? I will be getting my US L2 Dependent Visa in a few months time. I basically want to work in offshore until that time and then be positioned in the on-site role once I travel. Larsen & Toubro Infotech


SPG/Marriott is a total joke, just checked in - we now get 1000 Marriott pesos as welcome gift and the same for make a green choice. It is a 66% cut right there. No longer Suite upgrades, reception...



- astounding financial benefits, great healthcare


- too many cultists
- closed culture with extremely compartmentalized information, working on a small piece of the puzzle, with reduced ability to demonstrate true value, unless already high up. 
- collaboration across teams is made unusually difficult and doesn’t seem encouraged.
- not remote friendly -- making everyone go back

What’s an all inclusive resort that I can use Marriott points for? Looking for a beach getaway that’s not too expensive


Strongly considering travel nursing in US. I am currently a Canadian nurse. Wondering which state is worth going for?


I have an opportunity to be a Food and Beverage manager for a hotel I have been for 6 years. Currently I am overseeing all operations but want to focus more on the F&B world. Would anyone know how much salary I should be asking for this role?

Okay - I know some people like coming into the office 5 days a week and that is really terrific you enjoy that, and that working on-site is such a critical component of your happiness. Most of us don’t want to be here. When you brag about being here late, or brag about coming in every day, no one thinks you’re working harder than the rest of us, or that you’re more valuable than anyone else. Keep doing what you do, just keep it to yourself and mind your own anti-work-from-home business, Kthxbye.


Marriott - if I book nights using award points, will it count towards overall status tier (eg 75 nights / 100 nights etc) or is it only paid nights that count?

Will onboarding be virtual or should I report to office?
I am from chennai but my offer is for bangalore. Is it WFH currently? And how long
Please advise

How much of a salary should a fresher data analyst expect? 

Education - B.E

Skills - MySQL, Power BI, Python, Tableau, Advanced Excel

Location - Mumbai/Remote



I am a technical specialist looking to transition to tech recruiting. Can anyone help me find a remote position? I keep applying but I keep getting rejected. I am a recent grad with a communications degree, I have recruiting and tech background, I am also bilingual in Spanish and English. Can someone please help me. Looking for a salary $80k+


Hi All, I am currently a Data Analyst with 1 year of experience and pursuing a masters in Computer Science (expected to graduate 5/2023). I am looking to transition into an entry Data Scientist role (preferably remote or Philadelphia, PA). Can someone refer me or let me know who is hiring?

I can provide my resume if needed.

Hello 👋🏾, I'm currently Looking for an Opportunity.

Is Anyone currently "overemployed" and potentially needing a remote personal assistant to assist in some important task?

Please send me a DM


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So a friend of mine resigned from a bank and is still getting paid 2 months later. Apparently they have not marked the person as resigned in the system it seems. On a serious note what would you do?


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Hi Fishes,
What is future scope of informatica MDM java developer?
Offer cmpny : Servicenow.
Yoe : 6 , java, spring boot,, microservoces and aws.


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Also, has anyone purchased via Carvana? How was the experience?


Any RPA Developers here ?


Anyone know firms hiring healthcare consultants?


30 M 🐠. Any F 🐠 want to talk? Let’s chat.


How do you transfer files to your personal devices for your portfolio with strict company IT?


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Does anyone know where to start in HR please?

My goal role in 5 years let’s say is Chief People Officer / People & Culture Director, etc.

My background is 12+ years in customer/client experience, coaching, sales, and account management. I’m finishing a Lv7 executive coaching course and starting a CIPD Lv5 people management course.

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Why does GNC provide their products at Walmart cheaper than in their own store? I sold a product to a guy who comes in later to return it because it was $15 cheaper at Walmart. Customers don’t go to corporate GNC when this happens, they go to the retail associates working the counter. I feel that this damages my reputation as a salesman when it’s really not my fault.


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Hello, I’m looking for help filing my tax information for a new job. I’ve been in nyc for close to two decades, and am moving from the city for a new job. I’m wondering what to claim.


Salary for GM at AM/PM stores

I’ve worked as assistant manager for years, but it doesn’t look like I’ll be getting a promotion anytime soon. I feel bad leaving since I'm kind of the glue around here and I’ve gotten to know pretty much everyone. Any advice?


I have an opportunity to be a Food and Beverage manager for a hotel I have been for 6 years. Currently I am overseeing all operations but want to focus more on the F&B world. Would anyone know how much salary I should be asking for this role?

I started a job with a restaurant as part time they hired me at a higher wage but after working for one week the other manager came to me telling me that they can’t afford what the other manager and I agreed on so now i have to work at less or I could look for another work options, she meant I should leave otherwise. What should I do?

Is office coordinator concerned as entry level in the retail business?

What's a typical hourly wage for a new department manager? This is my first department specific job. (I've worked retail before but always floated between departments as a sales associate) I was recently promoted to be in charge of 2 of our smaller departments and I am the only employee who works in them on a daily basis.


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What’s a fair operations manager salary

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